Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's my party...

Some of you have asked me about the rest of the birthday pictures... Well, they're coming. But, I have to complete the package. It is not unusual for someone to say that Chloe is the most expressive baby they've ever seen. She has some of the funniest expressions that I've ever seen. She just hears music, any kind of music, and grins from ear to ear and starts dancing. It's not your normal, spin in circle dancing that you get from a child. It's a foot stomping, "oh my gosh, I think she's actually got the beat" kind of bring the house down, squeal with delight kind of dance. Adam comes in the door from work and she runs and throws her arms around his neck (I'm not exaggerating here, she RUNS). She often leans in for a full smack on the lips and pulls back with a sigh of satisfaction. You know the kind you have when your throat feels like a dusty dirt road and you finally treat yourself to the Pepsi you've been longing for but have denying yourself because you're fully invested in your plan to drink eight glasses of water a day? (Everyone has these cruel plans don't they?) So I just knew that the fully indulgent tradition of letting your child totally tear up a birthday cake on their first birthday was going to be right up her ally.

I'm sure she's going to kill me for this picture one day but just so we can get your full sympathies. Here's my girl on her birthday.

With the cold and waiting for all the family to get here, making it bedtime before we got around to the festivities (not a great plan on my part), it seems the situation got the best of her. Poor thing.

So I was a little depressed about the situation. I kept thinking that her first birthday only came around once and that this was not the way I pictured it. And then I thought to myself. We can have her first birthday twice if we want... So, this weekend, barring an ear infection from the cold, will be a re-do weekend. I will indulge her a second time and see if I can capture that life inside that is more true to our Chloe.