Friday, July 13, 2007

My Little Pity Party

Ok, I'm going to whine. And I mean whine like a baby. I know that people don't want to hear people whine and that's why I'm writing it on my blog instead of telling you about it therefore, if you sit here and read it, it's your responsibility not mine. For now, this is my mode of therapy. Read at your own risk.

It's been one of those years.... I've heard my parents talk about them, I remember them happening for them when I was a child. We were definitely due one and blessed that we haven't really had one until now but still, no one ever wants to see them come. Anyway, one of those years of tons and tons of extra expenses. In Dec. 2006, we paid off Adam's Jeep achieving our long held goal of being debt free except for our house. We achieved it.... And one day, we'll achieve it again.

So weve been swimming in hospital bills because Emma was sick and in the hospital in March and I'm pregnant. Which, when we had Emma we didn't have maternity insurance so that wasn't fun either. We made it through that. I know we'll make it this time. This could possibly make for a good mastercard commercial but I will go ahead and tell you that credit cards are EVIL. But regardless this is how 2007 has gone so far.

Cost of pregnancy--- $1000 deductible plus 20%
Cost of child being in hospital--- $1000 deductible plus 20%
Removal of rotten tree in yard--- $200 (and that was a pretty good deal)
Car Repairs---- $1000
Broken computer--- a lap top attached to a monitor that overheats every few days.
Cost of Gas--- Who knows but it's broken all of us
--- and then there are a few other little mishaps that I'm either too embarrassed to write about or won't write about to protect some other sad soul that total I'm guessing around $2000

Ok, all of this was until last week.... Then, Adam's Jeep started making a funny noise and we took it to the shop. Verdict... It needs a new motor. Yep, that's right a new motor. Well, since it has 175,000 miles on it. You know what that means? New car payment. We found this all out on Wed. and then guess what happened last night? My washing machine broke. Calgon, take me away!! I'm thinking about going ahead and taking a sledge hammer to anything that is still working and getting it over with.

Oh, btw, it's 4:30 a.m.

Cost of good nights sleep--- Priceless

I know God has something really really good coming for us. Satan is trying hard to stop something!

Love from Above,