Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Card

Since my spicy Christmas card got such a good reaction, I decided to attempt to make it a tad more Christmasy and send it out. I ended up getting them printed at Target. They were a glossy finish which isn't my preference but much better than the junk I got from Walmart. (Btw, I e-mailed Walmart and never got a response), I dropped them in the mail on Monday so they should arrive soon but, since my Christmas card list increased to over a hundred this year, I narrowed it down some with people that we might lose touch with without them at the top. If you didn't get a card this year, it's not because I don't love you but more likely because I'm cheap!

Oh and if you found yourself getting upset because it says holiday instead of Christmas, let me say that: holiday season in my mind is to include the whole season including New Years and the word holiday actually is derived from the words holy day. Oh, and you should read my post below for a different perspective on the issue.