Friday, November 04, 2005

So much on my mind, so few words

Wow, there are so many things that I'm thinking about and I'm having a hard time sorting them out. I'll give it a shot:

It's that time of the year. The weather is getting cold and people are getting down. I remember Lori (our old minister's wife) telling me that November is the worse time of the year. Lori, I miss Lori. I LOVE it here but I feel as I’m having a hard time actually developing close relationships and I’m really missing that spiritual mentor that Lori was for me. I know that it will come in time and that relationships like that don’t come over night but I’ll be glad to get past that point. I’m also missing my girlfriends. The other night, I just mentioned Pam’s name and started crying. I miss her. I hate that I haven’t seen her new baby yet. I hate that Melissa is going through all she is and I can’t be there. If you are here in WV reading this please don’t take this to mean that I don’t want to be here. I do. I’m so thankful that God led us here. I just have a hard time with the whole starting over stuff. Anyway.. Bad time of the year.. The statistics are something like: 50% more suicides occur in November and December than any other time of the year. I can see that others are down and I'm trying hard to fight it myself. However, Adam and I spent a whole lot of time the other night praying and I’m fully expecting things to perk up. Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, enough whining, there are lost souls out there!!

Emma… Thank God for her!! For her innocence, for the way she helps me appreciate the important things. We went to the playground yesterday to meet Julie and Anna and I was so proud Emma when she wanted to take one of the rings that Denise had put in her Halloween package to give to Anna. She decided that Anna would have the pink one and she would have the purple one. Anna reciprocated by letting Emma wear her necklace. When we left, they gave each other big hugs. It was so sweet and I’m so glad that she’s already learning to love her friends.

The other day, I was reading a bible story to her and there was a picture of Jesus and another man. “She said, That’s Jesus. Is that Peter? Maybe it’s Matthew”. It was very proud moment for me, realizing that she was really soaking up God’s word. I feel as though these days are flying by and I can’t soak enough of it up. She’s growing so fast. She’s going to be a teenager before I know it and that scares me to death. I know that I only have a limited time where I’m the biggest influence in her life and so I’m trying to pack in enough love and values to last a lifetime. I feel so inadequate for that job. God, please give me wisdom.

Last night, we went to Powell. I’m so excited about that ministry. God has put a mission field in our back yard. I’ve got some pictures from last night that I want to post and do a whole post about our planning session at powell but, I’ve got a big day today I need to get started on. The Cox’s are coming for dinner so lots to do. So be looking for the Powell post in the next couple of days.

Prayers for our ministry are appreciated!!
Love from Above,