Thursday, July 02, 2009

867-5309-- Jenny changed her number

Okay so that isn't my number and my name isn't Jennifer but did you ever wonder what happened in the lives of the people who actually had that number? I'm pretty sure they were disconnected pretty quickly anyway... Totally random but hey, that's how my mind works..

But, I do have a new cell phone number. I was sharing a cell line with my mom. But, my grandmother was needing a cell phone and we were going to get her a pay per plan but it turns out that with those plans, you have to put 20 dollars a month on those cards to keep them active and since she just wanted it for emergencies, it made more since just to add her to my mom's plan. Anyway, I handed my phone over to my grandmother and in the craziness of it all, I forgot to change my message. So, if you call my old number, it will say it's me but the phone actually lays in the hands of my grandmother who I'm pretty sure does not know how to check the voice mail.

And of course I'm not going to put my new number out here for everyone to see but, if you will shoot me an e-mail, I'll pass it on. And, after I have a chance to pass on the new number, I'm going to get rid of our home phone too because really, the only people that use that number are solicitors. And, the only reason I set up a home phone line to start with was because my cell phone wasn't local but now that is.. Let's face it, home phone lines are so yesterday. If internet communication is your main mode of communication, that is swell with me. You won't have to hear my kids screaming in the background!

And the Winner Is....

George at.. The Tri Runner

The winner was chosen totally random at However, he does just happen to hold a special place in my heart.

George was one of our students in our youth ministry when we were in Albany Georgia. We just recently got the privileged of spending the weekend with his family. They have a wonderful story of love and triumph over trials. You should also check out his Mrs. Tri Runner's blog.

And most importantly, George has teamed up with a group called Oneverse to raise money to translate Bibles into the language of languages that don't yet have a translation. I have no doubt that you will read more about this great cause on here but to find out what you can do to help George reach his goals, you can read about it HERE.

We love you George and family!