Saturday, April 28, 2007

Catching Up!

Ok, it's been quite a while since I've been on here. My computer was messed up for a month. Adam took it to the computer shop to have all the files taken off the hard drive because our banking account and all of my pictures were on it. When I got it back it was working again. So here we are for now.

I'm going to try to do most of the updating with pics but there are a few things I need to get down here...
My parents came up for Easter. We had a wonderful time. As usual, it went way too quick. While they were here, we went to have the ultrasound and found out what the sex of the baby is. Just as I suspected, since Emma prayed for it, ITS A GIRL!. It was especially nice being able to have my parents here. The night before my parents left, my mom and I went to the mall. We had stopped to let Emma play in the play area. After she had played a while, we had this little conversation:

Me: Emma, we have to go. Nonna has to get her stuff packed to leave tomorrow.
Emma to Nonna: But I don't want you to go.
Nonna: Well hunny, I have to go back to work.
Emma: Do you remember when I missed dance and preschool to come see you?
LOL, she builds a strong case.

Well, hopefully the pictures will do the rest of the talking.

Love from above,

Baby stats:
Sex: girl
Mom's weight:141 lbs (this was according to last visit. I have another visit on Monday so it should be up from that. This is the same that I weighed with Emma at this point. However, with this one, I haven't gained any weight. I just started out ten pounds heavier. I'm sure that not gaining weight thing is about to change)
Babies weight: Ultrasound April 8th. 10 oz.