Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet Maggie

Here's another sweet little girl that's filling my days with smiles while Emma's at school. I have been babysitting Maggie for a couple of weeks now but I haven't posted anything about her because I kept forgetting to ask her mother if it was okay. I try to be careful not to post something about someones elses child without their permission. Anyway, my friend Mandy hooked me up with one of the teachers at Emma's school and I am watching her baby. It works out really nicely because it makes me only have school teacher hours. We won't have to worry about planning vacations around my job because we'd be planning them around Emma's school anyway.

Maggie is a sweet sweet baby and Chloe will have a nice little playmate in just a few months. Even though she's trying hard to get her up and moving now! And we're well on our way because she just started rolling over. Right now, I spend a lot of the days making sure Chloe doesn't kill her. But really she's doing well with her and they both seem to light up when they see each other. I have there naps staggered so they are only awake together about three hours a day and I still have two hours with both of them sleeping so that I can get some house work done. Maggie also indulges me and hams it up for the camera as you can see so I'm snapping away because I know that those days of her sitting still are limited!