Wednesday, October 08, 2008


September's Student of the month: Emma Ellis..

I have to tell you, she's a really bright kid but sometimes, she misses the obvious..

Her school has a character trait every month and then a child who exhibits that character trait is chosen from each class to be student of the month.. Well, Emma came home at the end of September and said, "I didn't get student of the month, Lauren did". I said, "okay, maybe next month". Well, Lauren must have done something she got recognized for but it wasn't Student of the Month.

Flash forward a week or so, I open the newsletter, it says, "Congratulations Students of the Month" and there is her name.. So this is how our conversation goes..

Me: Emma, you did get student of the month, your name is right here.
Emma: Really? Is Lauren's there too.
Me: No
Emma: Oh, hmm.
Me: Did anyone tell you?
Emma: Yeah, the principal told us over the speaker.
Me: Well did they do anything else?
Emma: Yeah, they took my picture
Me: Emma, I can't believe you didn't tell me this, this is a big deal.
Emma: I forgot
Me: You got student of the month and you forgot. Emma, this is a big deal.
Emma: Okay mom, I get it, it's a big deal. Can I have a snack now?

This is the kid that her teacher last year called, "The class cheerleader" She would say, today we're talking about circles and Emma would be like, "Circles! I love circles! Circles are the best! You are the best teacher ever for teaching us about circles". And she gets student of the month and is like, "where's the potato chips"..

Well okay then...
So anyway, even though she acted like we were totally uncool parents for getting so excited, she decided it was a big deal when we told her we were going to Chuck E Cheeses to celebrate her achievement. Can you imagine how the teenage years are going to be?

September's trait was truthfulness and I will say, truthful she is, even when it hurts. But yesterday, she did break a shelf in the playroom and she came directly to tell me. I was proud of her for that.. Even though she was climbing on the shelf when she shouldn't have been.