Monday, January 21, 2008

Emma as Barbie Island Princess

Since I recently gave Chloe some air time, I thought I would make sure I was fair and give Emma some air time also. We are huge Barbie Island Princess fans at our house. Seriously, Barbie has really improved her image. She is no longer the snob with the unattainable figure that we envied we were young. She now has a wider waist and smaller umm... chest. Of course she's still beautiful but come on, what little girl wants to play with an ugly doll. Anyway, her movies portray, love, loyalty and friendship. So come on, give Barbie a second chance. I forgive you Barbie!

So in honor of our reinvented friend, Emma sings Barbie Island Princess. I'm thinking that she should probably keep pursuing her dream career of being a doctor. This will make for some good black mail somewhere down the road.