Thursday, March 17, 2011

Since Last Time on Thoughts on Life and Dirty Diapers

The starting of  Project: Get house organized before summer

Emma decides to play softball

The planning of a no-kids, relaxing overnight trip with my mom and sister to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.

Restoration of a mobile home that should have been condemned for a single dad and child.

Emma dresses up like Lucy from Narnia for famous character day at school.

Adam down with terrible pain from his sciatic nerve.

softball practice

Fun no-kids overnight trip with mom and sister with the kids because Adam was down with his sciatic nerve.

Lots of Hugs and Kisses

Photo shoots

Massages and stretches for Adam three times a day for sciatic nerve.

Adam back on his feet, slowly but surely.

Dreams of organization fading

sunny spring weather good for playing outside

Contract renewal for cell phone with AT&T results in inexpensive Iphone

Pandora opens whole new plethora of Jazz music resulting in upping psyche for Dana.

Emma drops two day old phone on driveway and shatters screen

Adam and Apple become heros by getting phone fixed for FREE

Chloe down with a stomach virus.

Dana wears vomit and washes every piece of linen in her house.

softball practice for Emma  

Dana's admission to the online marketing program at Wilmington University

Dreams of organization crushed.

Computer owned for only a year and a half down with no recovery.

Expletives directed at HP and disbelief at their horrible business practice of charging for customer service.

lots of snuggling with Chloe.

Chloe recovers from stomach virus and awakes at 2:00 a.m. with a sudden appetite after a liquid diet for several days.

Fun ladies night out to an Anita Renfroe and Mandisa concert. 

Dana stresses over the fact that she still hasn't done her income taxes. 

Admission that Adam was right that Dana should have purchased a macbook to begin with.

Purchase of Macbook that Adam and Dana don't have the money for.  

Great love for the macbook that put Adam and Dana in debt.

Thankfulness from Dana about her husband's amazing nerdiness that makes him know all about Macbooks

Super fun day with Veronica and Katie.  

Expletive thoughts directed at specific people, not for public view. 

Thankfulness for true friends that stick around even when Dana feels like spewing expletives.     

Prediction of nap in the near future..

Blessings sent to you from Dana