Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks-- Linen closet

I really thought that this was a simple trick that no one would be interested in but my sister insists that I should post it because she would have never thought of it...

So: here we go...

I used to dream that my linen closet looked like this:

I have even at times worked hard and got it close (minus all the matching) and it lasted until someone pulled one thing out of the closet.. So, I have given up that dream and gone for more practical methods. One of those methods is storing all the pieces of one sheet set inside one of the pillowcases. Then, I can reach in there and grab that one set without worrying about jumbling up everything that sits on top.. So, there you go. Pretty simple. But, effective, at least for me.

And no, I am not showing you a picture of my linen closet..