Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Day Late


I realize that I’m a day late updating. There are two reasons for this:
1)I didn’t have anything real amazing to report to you
2)I’m going cold turkey off caffeine and I’m really tired and have a headache.
Anyway, I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m hoping that getting rid of the caffeine habit will help and so far, it has.

Anyway, we had a pretty normal week. MOPS, playdates, church… the usual. We have been working on the alphabet a lot this week and Emma is catching on really well. She has known her ABC’s for a while but we’ve been working on activities where she picks the letter out. I guess if I wanted to stretch the truth a little bit, I could say that she can read because she can pick out the letters I an A and those are words. She has the pledge right now and no longer says Justice frog L. That’s kind of sad because it was cute.

We had the guys night/ girls sleepover on Friday. Both events had a great turn out (probably another reason why I’m tired). We had lots of fun and very little sleep. The rest of the week with the youth group was our usual events. Small groups on Sunday and Heart to Heart on Tuesday. Heart to Heart didn’t go quite as well as I was hoping. Emma kept getting behind me doing “Where is thumb kin”. That was pretty distracting. Anyway, we talked about the passage that says, “His strength is shown in my weakness”. I guess maybe I needed that lesson more than anyone. That page gets a lot of wear in my Bible.

My parents are coming up here. They will be here Monday. I’m very excited about that.

I do have some funny things that Emma did to report:
The three of us were in Toys R Us and Emma announced that Adam pooted. He’s gonna love me for telling you that one.

I told her that we needed to go to the store. She said that she just wanted to stay home. I told her that we could probably go to McDonalds for lunch while we were out. She said, "Can I take a break at McDonalds".

Also, the batteries in my camera are dead and I can’t find the charger so I will put a picture up later.

Love from Above,