Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wow, a lot of catching up to do. Since, I last wrote, we traveled down to see my family. Adam had a youth conference in Nashville and we dropped him off and went on down to Alabama. It was very nice to get to spend some time with my family and my mother was so very nice and got Emma up in the mornings and let me sleep in. It was lovely. I think that is the first time I've done that since Emma's been born. My mom and I did a little shopping, and I got to spend some time with some of my friends from high school and their kids.

We met up with Adam's parents in Nashville on the way back and they followed us back home to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a nice visit and they spoiled my child rotten. It's really probably a good thing that we don't live close. On Wed. It snowed maybe a half an inch. I was very excited and was expecting more to accumulate over night so, I was waiting for Thursday to get pictures. The strangest thing happened, it melted over night. I'm sorry but that is just weird to me. The few times it snowed in Alabama, it happened over night. And here, it melted over night. Oh well, please excuse the pun but... you snooze, you lose. I'm looking forward to more. Adam's mom even bought us this snow sliding thing. Along with half of every store we went in while she was here.

Emma was very excited about the snow "she ran in circles yelling, "It's snowing, It's snowing". A couple times, I would find her just staring out the window. Anyway, we had a good holiday but I'm ready to get back into our normal routine although it won't be long before Christmas. I can't believe how fast its sneaking up.

Ok, Emma said something really funny.. Lynn had these things called greenies that she gives her dog. They are shaped like a toothbrush so she explained to emma that they were a doggie toothbrush and that's how they clean Spikes teeth. The next day, Lynn asked her if she wanted to give Spike a greenie and Emma said, "Actually, it's a doggie toothbrush".

Well, that's all I have for you tonight. I've been trying not to give this computer as much of my time.

Please pray for our ministry!

Love from Above,


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Snowing!!!

We're leaving tomorrow. Adam is going to a youth ministry conference in Nashville. I'm dropping him off and going on to Alabama but tonight in West Virginia, it's snowing!! It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!! :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fun Week!

Thank God I have a two year old to help me make friends. We've had a really good week. On Monday, we had a play group at Julie's house. It was a lot of fun and really nice for me to get to sit and talk with the other moms. On Tuesday, we went and toured Mr. Bee's Chip Factory. I was going to post some pictures from that but how interesting can pictures of potato chips be? After the tour, we went to the mall and played at the play area and then Emma and I had lunch with Julie and Anna. It's really cute because Emma and Anna really have taken a liking to each other. Anna kept calling Emma sister. When we got home Emma said to me, "Anna is my friend, but she calls me sister". We had a wonderful bible study at ladies bibles study Wed. I want to share something from that with you all but I'm going to share it with the girls at heart to heart first. My class went really well on Wed. night. We talked about prayer and then we made prayer journals. Most of the kids really seemed excited about doing it. I had twelve kids in my class. Five of them were from Powell. I think that's the largest class I've had so far. Then yesterday.. busy busy day. It started off with a sweet suprise. Sam and Anna we're feeling sorry for me because I had a bad week last week and they sent me flowers. Thank you Sam and Anna, that was so sweet. And, it did brighten my day. Last night, I had a Southern Living party which had a great turnout and then we had a lock-in with the teenagers. I left the lock in at two to come home but while I was there, the kids seemed to be having a good time and we had several visitors there too.

Emma constantly amazes me with the new things she comes out with. The other day, we came in the living room and she said, "The sun is shining. The sun is a huge star". I bought a map of the US and we've started talking about where the different people we love live. She can already point out several of the states. I guess I'm going to have to learn them with her because I don't even know where all the states are. She is so inquisitive. I hope I can just stear her so that she keeps such a strong desire to learn.

You can see by the picture of Emma in the leaves that most of them have fallen off the trees by now. Winter, here we come!!

Please pray for our ministry!!!

Love from above,


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Pictures are from TAG Thursday night

Ok, here is my promised post about Powell. I have written before about how our church busses over some kids from a housing development to church. And, that Melissa Ogden, our teens, and our interns started a vacation bible school type thing with them on Thursday night. Also, we have began to have church on every fourth Sunday night at Powell. Well, some of the adults from Powell are coming to church now too. And, one got baptized the other night. Hip Hip Hooray. We had a planning session Thursday night before TAG and I’m going to go into detail about that but first, I want to tell you about TAG. Btw TAG is the thing we do with the kids on Thursday night. I have no idea what it stands for.

Joe came in and talked to them about Jesus feeding the 5000. That so happened to be one of the miracles that we discussed in my class on Wed. I had a very proud moment when many of the kids raised their hands because they knew the story. They were so excited. It was so neat. They are really learning about God!! It feels really good to get to be able to be a part of that. One little boy, Justin asked Joe if he could ask some questions. Joe thought that he wanted to ask questions about the story he was telling. Joe said, “yes” and Justin jumped up and started asking all the other kids questions about things we have been talking about in class like he was the teacher. It was really cute.

Ok, the planning session.

First of all, I will say that I think this could very well be the most important ministry for our church. When I think, If Jesus was living my life right now, what would he be doing? I think this very likely would be it. So having said that..

Here are two of our goals for Powell this year.

Get more people (especially adults) involved in this ministry.
Like I said, this is a very important ministry. God has put a mission field in our back door. We don’t need to over look this opportunity. I am praying for God to send workers!!

To start a pantry for the Powell residents. This pantry will contain essential items that can’t be bought with food stamps. Things like: toiletries, diapers, medicines, and cleaning supplies. We sent a sign up sheet around church for people to sign up to bring some of these items and had a very good response. I am really excited about this new program. I really feel like this will be a way to reach some people. If you read this and feel inclined to donate something please do!! Also, we definitely will accept money donations and do the shopping for you. Regardless, please pray for this ministry.

Love from above,


PS: Emma and I tourned Mr. Bee's chip factory with our Mom's Club today. Check back soon for pictures from that

Friday, November 04, 2005

So much on my mind, so few words

Wow, there are so many things that I'm thinking about and I'm having a hard time sorting them out. I'll give it a shot:

It's that time of the year. The weather is getting cold and people are getting down. I remember Lori (our old minister's wife) telling me that November is the worse time of the year. Lori, I miss Lori. I LOVE it here but I feel as I’m having a hard time actually developing close relationships and I’m really missing that spiritual mentor that Lori was for me. I know that it will come in time and that relationships like that don’t come over night but I’ll be glad to get past that point. I’m also missing my girlfriends. The other night, I just mentioned Pam’s name and started crying. I miss her. I hate that I haven’t seen her new baby yet. I hate that Melissa is going through all she is and I can’t be there. If you are here in WV reading this please don’t take this to mean that I don’t want to be here. I do. I’m so thankful that God led us here. I just have a hard time with the whole starting over stuff. Anyway.. Bad time of the year.. The statistics are something like: 50% more suicides occur in November and December than any other time of the year. I can see that others are down and I'm trying hard to fight it myself. However, Adam and I spent a whole lot of time the other night praying and I’m fully expecting things to perk up. Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, enough whining, there are lost souls out there!!

Emma… Thank God for her!! For her innocence, for the way she helps me appreciate the important things. We went to the playground yesterday to meet Julie and Anna and I was so proud Emma when she wanted to take one of the rings that Denise had put in her Halloween package to give to Anna. She decided that Anna would have the pink one and she would have the purple one. Anna reciprocated by letting Emma wear her necklace. When we left, they gave each other big hugs. It was so sweet and I’m so glad that she’s already learning to love her friends.

The other day, I was reading a bible story to her and there was a picture of Jesus and another man. “She said, That’s Jesus. Is that Peter? Maybe it’s Matthew”. It was very proud moment for me, realizing that she was really soaking up God’s word. I feel as though these days are flying by and I can’t soak enough of it up. She’s growing so fast. She’s going to be a teenager before I know it and that scares me to death. I know that I only have a limited time where I’m the biggest influence in her life and so I’m trying to pack in enough love and values to last a lifetime. I feel so inadequate for that job. God, please give me wisdom.

Last night, we went to Powell. I’m so excited about that ministry. God has put a mission field in our back yard. I’ve got some pictures from last night that I want to post and do a whole post about our planning session at powell but, I’ve got a big day today I need to get started on. The Cox’s are coming for dinner so lots to do. So be looking for the Powell post in the next couple of days.

Prayers for our ministry are appreciated!!
Love from Above,