Monday, July 28, 2008

Sugar and Spice....Eleven Months

Trying again... I liked these a lot better. I thought these captured her personality really well. She is so much fun. Sorry there are so many, I had a hard time choosing.

I'm sure that someone is about to get on my case about there being more pictures of Chloe than Emma... I was going to do pictures of Emma today but she wanted to wear the same outfit Chloe did... Not so cute on a five year old. But really, Chloe is showcased on here because Emma is showcased in life. The kid definitely loves the spotlight. So, this is a case of the second child seeking justice for the second child. Making sure Chloe doesn't fade into the wallpaper.

Wonder what Aunt Denise will say about this one :).



Wynn is coming soon!

Just got off the phone with Jan (Adam's sister for those of you that don't know her) and they are inducing her in the morning. They are thinking she might be having a 9lb. baby! We made a trip to Alabama last week and we were hoping to get to meet our first niece then. But, our little Wynn has taken her time. Don't worry Wynn I was a little nervous about joining this family too! We did enjoy spending a few minutes with her and her husband Clint and hope we get to do more of that in the future!

Anyway, as you can tell in the pictures, her belly is as big as a pregnant belly gets. She was just a couple days shy of 40 weeks. It's a beautiful belly and she's being a trooper and letting me post these pictures. Don't worry, I got permission. I wish we had had more time and had found a more creative spot but the moment is at least documented. And we'll have more time next time because we won't be living so far away. So anyway, Emma and Chloe should have a new baby cousin by this time tomorrow. \

Please keep them in your prayers! I'll update soon.