Friday, January 25, 2008

Calling All Cooks- Or not

Since we had a baby in the fall and then launched into the holidays, My lack of sleep and our crazy lives of ministry and traveling had gotten us into some bad habits. One of those bad habits was eating out. Once the meals stopped coming from church and my mom's club (which by the way was wonderful, they just kept them coming and coming). It seemed that it was always time for Chloe to eat when I should have been cooking or whatever so since it was so easy, Adam would run and grab something and so the story goes... Well as most everyone knows, this is not good for our health nor my budget. And since I'm trying to play catch up to cover the cost of all the hospital stays and every item that we owned breaking last year, I have banned eating out at least for a little while. One day, I'd like to compile a recipe book of easy recipes and call it, "Spend Your Time With Your Kids Not In the Kitchen" because I've kind of become the queen of what I call "fake baking" and I'm not talking about the tanning bed. I have compiled a few recipes that make me look like I'm a fairly decent cook when in fact, I'm horrible at it. But, the few recipes that I have are slowly burning us out. I burnt Adam out on spaghetti before we were even married. If I find something that I can cook that doesn't taste horrible, I tend to run it in the ground. Anyway, this is what I would like us to do: In the comments, leave your easiest, my family loves it recipe. Casseroles, crock pot meals, anything; even cooking tips! If you have time, leave more than one. Then, hopefully we all can help each other out! I' ll come back later and leave the ones that work for me. And believe me, if I can cook it, anyone can!