Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today was a good day. I heard from my family down in Alabama and got the update on hurricane Katrina. My parents lost electricity at both their home and buisness and a tree fell on my sister's house. But, all in all, the damage wasn't too bad and most importantly, they all are safe. I thank God for that. Emma and I went to the store and then, while Emma was napping, I had a little chat with my friend Pam. You know how every now and then you make those friends that you know love you just the way you are and you can totally be yourself and know they won't ever think badly of you? Well, Pam is one of just a couple of those people I have in my life and I always enjoy talking to her. This evening, the teens came over to watch a movie. Linda, a new girl came. She is also going to Summit (that's the youth rally we are going to this weekend). Linda just showed up at class Wednesday night and Lindsey stepped out and made an effort to get to know her. I believe that that is a big part of why she came back. Also, Lindsey brought three girls with her tonight. That girl is on fire with the reaching out stuff and I'm so proud of her. The rest of the teens did a good job welcoming Linda too. Anna told me that she is bringing a friend with her to church with her tomorrow night. Is it just me but does all of this "Fishing for Men" get everyone excited? I have this theory, the water that never runs dry that Jesus talked about... I think maybe part of what he was talking about was bringing others to him. I think a fire is starting that is going to spread..
Anyway, my day ended the best way possible. Emma went to bed with no fuss at all and when I laid her down she said, "Momma, I love you sooo much. You're my best friend". It doesn't get any better than that. Life as a child of God is awesome!! I hope your tomorrow is wonderful.

Love from above,