Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Freebie- Free Photoshop Ipod Skin Template

Yay, another freebie!

 This is something that I think every photographer should make a part of their senior packages.  You want more senior photo shoots?  What do teenagers have in front of their face more than anything?  Their I-phones of course.  So what better than to have your favorite senior advertising you to her friends every time she sends out a text?

 I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find a template for an ipod/iphone.  So, I designed one of my own.  This was made to fit an Ipod touch 3 .. But the same template works for an iphone and I'm pretty sure it's close enough to work for all of the touches.  Once you go to a website to have it printed, they will give you the choice of using one of their templates or uploading your own.  Once it's uploaded, you can adjust it just like you want it..   Read on to find out where to get the best print deals on these.

Click Link Below to Download

Yes, that is my seven year old's I-pod and no I'm not an indulgent parent.  She has been asking for a Nintendo DSI for two years and since she shows virtually no interest in any video game ever, I have refused to spend $150 for something she won't use.  

But, when she started asking for an Ipod touch and I began to think of it's benefits to me (road trips with no whining)  I warmed up to the idea.  And since my husband is a Ninja when it comes to getting things free, and I'm cheap frugal, I went with the idea when he was able to score one FREE.. And no he's not in to anything illegal.. But, I'm already giving you an excellent marking idea as well as a freebie template.  A girl's got to hold on to some secrets.   

I searched the net for the cheapest prices and landed at Gelaskins where I printed this skin for $6.99. To quote Gelaskins: "They're skins! Translation: self adhesive vinyl decals. They're made with pure awesomeness"   and I have to agree!  Not only do that they print Ipod skins but they also print 100s of other skins for other electronics.  And I was more than satisfied with the quality.  I will definitely be using them again!

Happy Weekend!