Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hiatus-- The Hunger Games

Some wonderful friends from church (I'm still not sure who was involved) gave us an I-pad for Christmas.  Which, resulted in me getting Adam's Kindle and Adam using the I-pad which was just fine with me since the Kindle means me having to learn less new technology..  And upon my acceptance of the Kindle, Adam convinced me to read "The Hunger Games", a trilogy in which I'm now totally absorbed.. I read the first book in less than 24 hours.  But after the first book, I decided I could neglect my children no longer (don't worry, they were in the excellent care of my mother while we were visiting during Christmas).  But, since we're back at home and I have to once again, be a responsible parent, I can only read during children-sleeping-hours which explains my blogging absence..   Which Adam always warns me will lose my blogger audience.

Due to my reduction in blogger comments, I have resolved that I have already lost my audience, aside from my photography friends downloading my existing free templates. THANK YOU PHOTOGRAPHY FRIENDS FOR KEEPING MY TRAFFIC UP.  It's a cheap tactic but it works.    But, just in case, you actually care what I have to say... I have a plan!  You too my friend, should join me in reading "The Hunger Games".  I promise, you'll be absorbed, and it will keep you occupied until I am once again inspired to blog and we can  meet again and share a new camaraderie having experienced the games together..  And Adam can get some amazon credit because you used his Amazon associate link below to order the books..

Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset