Monday, September 12, 2005


We are making a stop on our way to the beach. We are in Adam's sister's class room in Prattville, AL. This has been our first chance to get internet access. Our trip is going well. We traveled all day Friday and made it to my nephew's football game. The first picture is Emma with him after the game.My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. It was a really sweet moment and the family enjoyed being able to get together. We are missing everyone in West Virginia and have enjoyed the text messages and phone calls we've gotten to keep us updated on everything. We have already had some interaction with hurrican refugees and have some neat stories to tell about how God works when we get back. I will share them with everyone when we get home. Just a little reminder to the Heart to Heart girls, keep up your prayer journals :).

I will post more pictures Wed. night when we get to Adam's parents.

Love from Above,