Monday, April 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Well, I've said many times that I'm pretty good at several things but I think I'll be searching my whole life for the one thing that I'm great at. I stand corrected.. I'd make a great cow! Friday, I started to pack up the milk that I've collected for the milk bank and then I realized that the milk bank was closed on Saturdays so I had to wait until today. That's why Emma is wearing different clothes in the pictures.

My original goal was to collect at least 100 ounces by the time Chloe turns 8 months old (the fat content is the highest before 8 months). I collected 28 bags with at least 4 ounces a piece so that makes 112 + ounces. It took a little longer than expected because I kept getting sick and had to take medicine and it has to be at least 24 hours since you've had as much as a tylenol and then Emma having a broken leg made things interesting too. But, I reached my goal. And I'm super excited about that.

Anyway, we packed it up today and took pictures to commemorate the occasion. I'm glad that I did it but I'm also glad to be done with it! Emma said a sweet prayer for the babies that will be receiving the milk and it's sitting on my front porch in the cooler waiting for fedex to pick it up.

We've got a contract on our house here and a contingent offer on a house in SC. I'll write a post soon with an update on all of that but I can just tell you that God's fingerprints have been all over it.

Here is a link to where I told about the National Milk Bank if you are interested in knowing more.