Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still on a quest...

To get a picture of Chloe that is frame worthy...

We are back from taking Anna and Rachel half way to WV. We had a wonderful time catching up with them and since we had some late nights with them, the girls are sweetly tucked in and I'm headed there soon.

Emma was busy catching up on time missed with "her teenagers" ( that's what she used to call them). So, I took that opportunity to try to get a picture of Chloe that will go on my wall. Haven't gotten the perfect one yet but here are some that capture her little personality.

Aunt Denise, I did get some video since you requested it.. And as soon as Adam gets them ready, I'll post them. Hopefully these will hold you over until..


The following may go down as my all time favorite... This is her "you're kidding me right" look that undoubtedly came straight from her daddy.

And, this is what my spunky little Emma was doing while I was taking these pictures....

And it's the hay for me.