Friday, June 13, 2008

Look at Her Go

I couldn't believe it! Chloe started crawling so early that she was pretty banged up there for a while. She must learn quickly because she has become the most cautious little thing I've ever seen. When most kids are learning to walk (at least the ones that I've seen), they pretty much try to get as many steps in before they fall but Chloe takes one step, steadies herself than goes again. Much different from her take life by a storm kind of sister. They are like night and day. I love their uniqueness. Hmm, don't you wonder what a third one would be like? Well you'll just have to keep wondering.;).

Emma has learned to hulla hoop and can hoola hoop like a mad woman. We have a movie of that too that we will try to get up. I wanted to get this one of Chloe up on the exact date.