Monday, August 29, 2005

Are we following Jesus?

Ok, I know I've been on a kick of serious posts but you guys are going to have to stick with me for one more. I was talking to my good friend Hannah Hunsicker tonight. She gave me the screen name for her xanga and I thought I'd go take a look. I wanted to share with you a line from one of her posts ( don't worry I got her permission). "Isn't it great how "christians" are always the nicest, most kind, and happy individuals. Hah, too bad that was complete sarcasm." Now, let me give you a little back ground on Hannah. She grew up going to church with her parents. But in the past couple of years, she's decided that people in the "world" act more like Jesus than people in "church". I'm guessing but, I think maybe Hannah isn't the only person that feels this way. Ok, I'm not totally guessing because I've felt that way before myself. It was about a year ago that I told Adam I was going to write a book called, "If these are the people going to Heaven, I'm going somewhere else". So what made Hannah feel this way? Well, I know that a big part of it has to do with experiences she's had with church people.. People that she considered very good friends and had a some what spiritual relationship with for whatever reason distanced themselves with her. The very people that had taught her certain "rules about Christianity" broke them. And because she saw them judge others she feels sure they will do the same for her. And, to top it off, she works at a restaurant and "Christians" are notorious for being incredibly rude and cheap.. So, here's my question? Do we act in ways where when people are around us they think, "man I'd rather spend eternity anywhere else but than with them". Seriously, how many times have we pushed someone away because we said one harsh word, because we intentionally excluded some one or simply because we are so focused on ourselves that we don't take the time to reach out to someone else. My favorite line of all times if from an old DC Talk CD "The greatest cause of Atheism is people who proclaim Jesus with their mouths and walk out the door and deny Him with their lives". If we are followers of Jesus, should we at least look a little like him?
Something to think about

Lord, please forgive me when I've fallen short.
Please help me be Jesus to the world.
God, thank you for Hannah, please surround her with Christians that will show her your love.

Love from above,


Terrific Two's

Terrific Twos

Since I have shared some of the more challenging moments we’ve had lately, I thought I would share some sweet ones. Emma has this “I love you” thing down. I bet she says it 20 times a day. Sometimes, she says, “I love you sooo much”. Adam gives us both kisses and hugs and tells us he loves us when he leaves for work. For a while now, Emma has been following him to the door saying she needs more hugs and kisses. Recently, she has begun saying, “Momma needs more hugs and kisses too”. Isn’t it amazing the need even a two year old has to see her parents loving each other. We both had a laugh the other night when she got up into her chair while I was fixing dinner and exclaimed, “Delicious!!” I was also touched when I snuck up on her playing with her dollhouse and she was making momma and daddy dance. Yes, I love being a mommy.

Thank you God for blessing me so greatly!

Love from Above,