Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Children Taken into Protective Custody over Bathtime Photos

My mom called me the other day a little worried because of this news cast she had seen where parents had there children taken and put into protective custody because of some pictures taken during bath-time. Bath-time has always been a fun time for our children and I have at times posted pictures that have been taken during bath time after a little creative editing to protect their privacy. I did see that some of the pictures did "show the children's genitalia". We have been very purposeful in making sure that this does not happen with our children when we are posting them somewhere such as this. But this was in developing. I am interested in your opinion. Was this taken too far? What age do you think is too old for bath-time pictures and where do you think the line is?

Parents Sue Wal-Mart Over Bathtime Photos

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