Friday, August 26, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a Cupcake Holder Lampshade

Emma and I did several projects over the summer that ended up being a little bit too difficult for Chloe to fully participate  like:
 turning this

Into this

This is so simple to do.  All you need is a good deal on a lamp, some cupcake holders, and some earring posts and backs (pack of 30 pieces at hobby lobby for $1.99), and spray paint.  We spray painted our thrift store lamp ($1.49) and then turned the cupcake holders inside out and pinned them on the shade..  Easy Peesy... But, since it involved spray paint and sharp things, it was a little bit too old for Chloe.

So, I scouted out a few things that I could gear specifically for Chloe to do in the couple weeks we've had between Emma starting school and Chloe starting.  

And, I came across this oh so cute "Very Hungry Caterpillar" on Pinterest and, after reading the story, I got to work on painting hands... When we finished the handprint caterpillar, Chloe commented that she wanted to make the butterfly too.  And what do you know but the next time I went on Pinterest, a friend had posted a picture of a footprint butterfly... So low and behold

A complete metamorphosis!  


Kenny Payne said...

Dana, cute projects and precious memories made for the girls (and you, of course). Hold on tight and treasure the time because it passes quickly. I just moved Leanna to Faulkner University for her freshman year and will be flying back to Ukraine next Tuesday!

Michael and Hannah said...


The Bigelows said...

Such a crafty momma! I know your girls love that you do fun things like that with them! The lamp is so cute- the lampshade kinda looks like carnations! Did you have to do anything to the paper to make it heat tolerant. (like would leaving a lamp on have the potential to set them on fire?)

Tracy said...

You are awesome!!! Superstar mom!!

Dana said...

Kenny, it's hard to believe that she's old enough to be going off to college.. Time does definitely fly. I bet you had a hard time fighting back the tears on that one...


cupcake liners are flame retardent since they're made for baking. I've seen various projects where the put the liner directly on the bulb.. However, even with knowing that info, I used a very low watt bulb and tested and left it on where I could watch it for a couple of days before I let her put it in her room. They don't even get hot though.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What a cute project!! You are such a great mom to think up these wonderful things to do with your children.

Blue Dragon Mom said...

Forget Mike... I wanna be like "Dana"! Lol
Love the lamp. You're gonna have to start doing a tutorial every week. An "Ellis" Weekday Treat or something! Share with the world girl, and keep those great ideas coming! I know your girls love it and appreciate a mom who is willing to do things, not only FOR them, but WITH them.