Friday, September 05, 2008


For you coupon shoppers, I just got home from CVS and along with the deodorant and the loreal cleanser, I got for free, I also got a huge 48 count box of flavorice for free.

This is how that worked. They are on clearance for 75% off and then you get 5 extra bucks back with your extra care card. Some have even reported making a couple of bucks off of this one but if I'm reading my receipt right, I just got them free. I'll take free though. BTW, they weren't marked 75% off so check at the counter to make sure.

Also, Walgreens has a ton of free stuff this month with rebates.




Supabloggasuprememama said...


lifewiththehairls said...

i just checked ours the other day and they were NOT on sale yet. I am loving all the free stuff!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

You're going to have to host a seminar for us and teach us all how to be coupon queens!

The Tyree Family said...

Now I wish I had taken that box (the only one left sitting on a shelf that very likely wasn't even where is should have been because it wasn't marked...) up to the counter to be checked maybe I could have gotten something free or + a little $. Oh, well. thanks for sharing your tips!

Melissa said...

Yes. Please give that seminar because I absolutely HATE to clip coupons. It's just annoying. I would love to know how you developed a passion for it.