Monday, March 03, 2008

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now

These Pictures Were taken on Feb. 27th. It was super cold and school was out. I bundled the girls up and took them out for all of five minutes. When I took Chloe out of this get up, she was sweating. People ask me all the time if Chloe ever cries. She had been crying before I took the first picture. She liked the snow suit about as much as Emma likes her cast. But, when I got the camera, she stopped. She doesn't cry often but it does happen. She's teething so it happens more often lately.

March 3-- It's amazing the difference a few days can make. Not even a broken leg was going to keep us from enjoying the beautiful weather. The high today is 80! Emma is starting to move around so that tells me she's in a lot less pain. I think the worst is over.



becky said...

that's a long cast...where exactly is her leg broken?

Dana said...

Just below her knee. Dr. said that when you break it there, they have to cast both parts. :( Oh, and they gave us no pain medicine. Just motrin. She had a rough day yesterday.

becky said...

oh my! bless her little heart! she's one tough cookie!!!

Tony and Susan said...

wow on the leg and wow on the temp! has she had lots of people sign it? hope she is feeling better!