Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rainy Day Activity-- Bathtub Fun

I'm gonna make this quick as my bottom is not enjoying the hard bathroom floor that it is sitting on.  It's a rainy day here in South Carolina.  And though we desperately need the rain,  rainy days leave me looking for activities that won't have us sitting in front of the TV all day. 

 Solution:  Bathtub paints.. So easy to make and chances are, you already have everything you need at home.

What you need:  
Baby shampoo
food coloring
paint brush
small containers for holding paint
camera to capture your materpiece

Simply put five drops of shampoo and five drops of food coloring in separate containers for each color you want.  When the masterpiece is done, take a picture, then hand your child an old wash cloth (this might stain). Have you child go to town washing the walls.  Finally, rinse child and bathtub and you have a clean artist and a clean bathtub.

Caution: While this washes off quite easily from fiberglass or marble tubs, it does not wash easily from grout.  I learned this lesson the hard way when our non-toxic fun resulted in me resorting to bleach for clean up in my bathtub which is surrounded in tile and grout.    





Hyperactive Lu said...

Fun stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

So simple yet I've never thought of it. Going to do it right now! Thanks!


BASSakward Tales said...

Love this idea..may try it with my you remember the gel bath balls that you put in your bath water and eventually it would melt...well i had a red one one time when i was at my grandmother's...i let it melt to where it would spread...i spread it all over my arm and started screaming for my grandmother...i told her i had cut myself...she almost had a heart attack and then she realized what i had done...she was sooooo mad at me....bath time is always fun!

The Hills said...

What a fun idea...I'll have to try that soon!