Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello from Birmingham!

There are a lot of thoughts and questions running through my head right now..

1. Will heaven really have streets of gold and if it does, won't that be kind of tacky? I mean, haven't you seen pictures of Donald Trump's place? Surely that was a metaphor.

2. Have you ever met the kind of person that is frequently wrong but never in doubt? man that annoys me.

3. Or worse, have you met one of those people that has to out do you on everything? Those kind of people seriously make me want to take up poop scooping as a hobby just to watch them try to do it better than me.

4.What makes mother's feel the need to compete? Why can't we all just say, "hey, this is hard. Some days are better than others" and support and help each other?

5. Why is a parkway called a parkway when you drive on it but a driveway is called a driveway when you park on it?

6. Alabamians really do have a thick accent..

7. Was God just bored and decided to jazz things up a bit when he created women to fall in love with a species that couldn't possibly understand them?

8. Should I really expect my husband to understand me when I don't understand myself?

9. Does having a minivan really make me old and uncool?

10. Why didn't Obama respond to my e-mail where I laid out the most fabulous stimulus plan ever? Doesn't he know how important I am?

11. Why won't they close Walmart and let me shop alone without having to wait thirty minutes to get to the feminine products that I can't do without while the little blue haired lady reads all the ingredients on the package of the hemorrhoid medicine. Don't they know how important I am?

12. Why wasn't I thankful that it was the blue haired lady instead of the little old man that tested out every single one of those cheap Walmart colognes the last time I was brave enough to venture into Walmart. OLD SPICE, JUST GET THE OLD SPICE!

13. Did throwing the starfish back in really make a difference?

And so many more random thoughts and questions.. But, I can't land on anything specific so feel free to answer any of the above questions. It would be fabulous to check some of these of the list of things that keep me awake at night. But tonight, since I've not posted in a while, I thought I'd just give a good old fashion "we're still alive and kickin" update.

I am in Alabama at my parents. Adam went to camp and I just couldn't bring myself to drag two little ones and wasn't up for another week of single parenting. The four of us left on June 4th, and went and had a great visit with Adam's family (Yes, I do sing "The Adam's Family" theme song in my head every time I say that). Then, we went to our college Christian Student Center reunion at Troy where we got to see some of our old college friends. I was also very excited to see Stephanie, one of the girls that was in our youth group in Panama City that married one of the guys that we went to college with (that isn't as weird as it sounds. He is only five years older than her. We were very young when we were PC) My parents came and picked up the girls and me in Troy (no that is not incorrect grammar. It is the girls and me, not the girls and I. My parent's wouldn't come to pick up I). Adam will come over here to get us next week. Anyway, we miss daddy terribly but we're having a nice time living on central time, sleeping late but, realizing that it's still early when we wake. It's been nice to be away from everything. We had gotten so busy there at the end of the school year and I really needed some time away where my cell phone gets no service so that I can focus on them. And, of course, having doting grandparents around that consider it a favor when you let them do something for your kids is awesome! We are so blessed to have both sets of our parents so active in our lives. I've also got the chance to hang out with a friend from high school and I'm hoping to meet up with a few more before I leave. I have of course taken tons of pictures but, I had gotten backed up on some portraits I had taken and needed to upload them and my parents computer is as slow as getting off those last few baby pounds (Christmas comes quickly to me these days) so, hopefully, I will get them uploaded one day. But no promises, because we all know by now that half the time, I never get the pictures uploaded. It's like the modern day version of those thirty rolls of 35mm fill my mom has sitting in her middle dresser drawer still not developed.

And if you are the one person that has realized how important I really am and are just dying to get a hold of me. Even out in the boonies in Argo Alabama where my cell phone gets no service, windstream somehow made their trail up a red clay dirt road somewhere and I do have access to the internet.




Adam said...

I really miss you girls too. This really gave me a good laugh this morning. I love you.

mommaoftheboys said...

You are so important why would you think any differently!!!!!!!!!! Miss you guys and our daily conversations ready for you to get home

Unknown said...

Let's get together for lunch or dinner. I will try to reach you at your parents, I think I still know the number. Miss you and would love to see you even if it's for 5 minutes. :-)


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

You're a funny girl. I enjoyed this.

Tell Argo hello for me! Enjoy hanging out on the old stompin' ground.

Tony and Susan said...

so everytime i see a comment like 2, 3, or 4, it makes me wonder if i have been that person. but then i figure that if i were that person, i would be oblivious to the comments so hopefully i'm not that person. if i am that person, feel free to send me an email :).

#6: on 2 different occasions this weekend, i was told in one way or another that i was no longer from alabama. so then i started talking to tony in a fake southern accent. i can't remember what i used to sound like. kinda weird!

#8: good point :)

#9: no, but the fact that you were all wearing matching shirts that day to go get it does. sike! our family matches all the time. i just have to do it subtly so tony doesn't notice because he is young and cool.

#13: starfish, what?

it was so good to see you guys! i miss you!

Dana said...

LOL at Susan. Usually when I write something like number 2,3,4 it is due to a conversation that I have with a friend where someone had interacted with them. I really didn't have any specific people in mind. It's really just to say, if you know someone like that, I'm on your side. That is annoying. In actuality, I was probably talking about myself. I really want to be this tolerant person that indulges others in their opinions and that would be really easy if everyone else was right like I am ;). No seriously, it was really just an attempt to not go too long without a post "lose my audience" as Adam says. Those thoughts don't really keep me up at night.. Well, maybe the heaven one...

Oh, and the wearing matching shirts to buy the minivan skipped over being old and uncool and moved us right along to being total dorks. And what's even more sad is that I'm almost proud of that.. I've been waiting my whole life to be okay enough with myself to be okay with being a dork. How freeing!

Unknown said... still didn't answer the starfish question! Inquiring minds want to know.

#4. So true. I wish that there was a way to make that happen. I just try to make it from one day to the next without pulling my hair out, I know I am not the only one out there like that... but it sure feels that way sometimes. I would venture to say that whether Moms have one kid or 5 kids, they all feel that way, whether they admit or not. It's no secret.

And... if it matters, I totally agreed with your Obama e-mail.

Love you!

Dana said...

I thought that everyone knew the starfish story. And after you read the story, you should go down and listen to the song in my playlist by Garth Brooks. It inspires me. Here it is...

The Starfish Story
Original Story by: Loren Eisley

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.

Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”

The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.
The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

“Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?
You can’t make a difference!”

After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,
and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…”
I made a difference for that one.

BASSakward Tales said...

hey dana, yes i know where argo alabama is - the middle of no where...that is about 25 miles from where i live...what camp did adam go to...i loved your post...because i think some of those same things...just glad you got them out of your head...i will see if i can answer a few....have a safe trip home....

Jay said...

I know the Garth Brooks song by heart, had never heard the story. It made me cry... Thanks for bringing on my tearfest of the day, and to think --- I almost made it until the sun went down! :)

But I definitely think that throwing the starfish back mattered... even if it did only matter to one.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we all know that I don't have many answers but I do know a couple.

#9- I hate to disagree with Susan but yes you are definitely over being young and cool! LOL ;) (I've been waiting for you to join me for years)

And number #13- yes, I have to believe it did or I would have to quit my job.

Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow.(and I hope you picked up on my accent in that one!) Love you! Denise

Sara-Beth said...

The teacher in me appreciates the grammar lesson you offered- hope you are having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have rethought the star fish question. While I believe that you definitely should do all you can for those poor star fish that ended up on the beach by accident, there are those that will keep crawling back up there no matter what you do. Eventually, you have to accept that you have done everything you can and move on to another star fish that needs help. Sometimes all you do is just that- all that you can do and you must learn when to move on down the beach--- Denise

Dana said...

Ah Denise,

That is the answer to the question in my mind. What great advice from my OLDER, wiser sister.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

I was wondering if you were alive. Hey you won the contest, btw. I never heard from you so thought I would leave a message on here. Email me with your mailing address!

Stephanie said...

Birmingham? Could you just have said "Hello from Alabama":)
I like #'s: 2,4,and 8. I prefer Target to Walmart unless I'm in Chipley.

Anonymous said...

that made me laugh. needed that.
Daisy =)