Friday, April 03, 2009

Update on Chloe.

The irregularity is still there. We have an appointment with a Cardiologist next Wed., the 8th at 2. I'm really kind of glad that the ped. could still hear it because if there isn't anything huge wrong, I think I'd feel more secure hearing it from someone that specializes in that area. And, if there is something more wrong, then we should be at that right place.

The ped did assure me that she wouldn't die immediately from something like what he was hearing. His exact words were, "she is not going to just drop dead, I promise". Doesn't sound like typical words that come from a doctor but that was answering the exact question I had in my mind.

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers. Hopefully we will know something more definite soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey you guy and girls, Dana ou are right on track! What a sweet blog and what sweet girls!
-Friends and relatives, while sometimes extremely annoying, have actually given me some great MEDical advice! R's mom saved the girls from the tube thing by telling me matter of factly that "all the Cooper babies pulled their ear-when they were tired"
And a dr friend said that "of course a babies eardrum will be red and swollen when it's in the drs office crying!"
The same Dr/mom friend told me when I called her frantically one sat am when 1 wk old Hedda ?somehow? got herself off the bed! "Well don't put her on the bed anymore..."
BUT the important one is the Psalms...I read them in the One a day Bible every am, and God's personal love and goodness
and power just soaks in each day...
He is such an amazing Friend, creator, Dad!
We will keep you all in our prayers!
Your photos are really nice-
Jeannie, Valerie and Hedda

Sandi Faber said...

You know I'm always thinking about you. I'll keep Chloe... and you... in my prayers. I love you.

Tony and Susan said...

glad you guys are going to be able to get answers from an expert!!! and glad the regular dr. was able to calm you some. we are keeping you guys in our prayers!! love you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you guys are going to go to an expert. I know SJ's eyes aren't nearly the same as a heart, but when we were going through all that a few years ago, talking to an expert was EXACTLY what I needed.

I think about you always, I love you!


Holly said...

You guys will be in our prayers. Hang in there!

hyperactive lu said...

Still praying and glad to know they got her an appt!

Keri Najmola said...

I have been thinking about you guys and praying everyday. Wanted to ask Adam today at the school, but didn't think it was the right time or place for such a delicate subject. I am glad that you have an appointment with a cardiologist next week. I will continue to pray for your family daily and hope to see good news on the 8th. If you need anything, I'm only across the way, you just call me!

Michael and Hannah said...

Thanks for the update... I've been praying for sweet, wild Chloe!