Monday, December 08, 2008

Free Calculator

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Okay so is posting this free stuff making me friends or not? I check my stat counter and my hits have doubled since I started putting free stuff on here. But hardly no comments. Hmm, I know ya'll are missing my deep theology on the color of poop and stuff like that but come on FREE STUFF right?. Are ya'll just coming here and clicking on my link and moving on without leaving me a comment? I feel so used.. Ha Ha, just kidding. I never leave a comment for the person I steal them from. I guess what goes around comes around right? ;)



Julie said...

I'm totally guilty. I'll admit it. I usually end up talking to you and just tell you things I mean to say when I read your blog but it's not a good excuse because it's nice to get comments. At least from what I remember. My comments have dropped way, way off (and that's not saying too much) since I started on facebook. I hope people come back around to the blog - I enjoy it more.

Mandy said...

I am a click and leave gal. Sorry. Your freebie posts are awesome and too good to pass up. So sorry for neglecting my friend. :)

How did Sunday go? We missed you here, but I hope that everything worked out with your friends.

Anonymous said...

it's perfect!!'re an aspiring bible scholar?

me too.

i wish.

I would love to understand systematic theology better.....but it just makes my head hurt.

Jay said...

:) thanks for all the free stuff dana! :)

Oh, and I got mail from you today. How beautiful!!

Tammy said...

The free stuff is great to pass on. Thanks! Your girls have gotten so big and too cute!