Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Posts

Ok, there are two new posts below. I have tried to somewhat put them in order so scroll down but the two new ones are Emma's dance recital and picture from Jan's wedding. A warning to anyone who calls me fat, chunky, huge, a balloon or anything of the sort.... I WILL WISH MANY MANY PREGNANCY POUNDS ON YOU WHEN YOUR TIME COMES :).

I still have to put the ultrasound pics of Chloe and Emma's birthday pictures up but I need some sleep first.

PS: I meant it about the pregnancy pounds. Don't mess with me. I work for God.


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becky said...

i'll just put all my comments here. first of all, i am every bit as OCD when it comes to things like the tights story. however, i am SO not as lucky. #2. jan looks so pretty and like such a girl. all i remember is little 5th grade jan. i am completely OLD!! #3 you haven't gained much weight at all. you said you wanted to have started your pregnancy 5-10 lbs less than you did (although that would have made you concave...). i think you will go home from the hospital in your skinny jeans...and then i will procede to hate you!!

Tiffane said...

Hey there! How cute is Emma? She looks a lot like Adam to me. Good to hear from you. I've never been a myspacer or blogger. I still don't do myspace, but this helps me to keep up with other friends more "offen" :) Have a great week.