Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dr. Appointment 6/4/07

Adam was out of town this past week for his grad class at Lipscomb. I waited until he got back home because I didn't want to make a post that said hey, we're home by ourselves. Anyway, we had a good week, just the girls, but were so glad to get him back home.

I had a doctors appointment on Monday. Everything is progressing normally. I had gained 6 and a half pounds but that wasn't too bad since it had been five and a half weeks since my last appointment. So, all together, I have gained 8. My hope is to keep it less than I did with Emma so I won't be so miserable at the end this time. I'm feeling really good so far. I start going every two weeks now so we're closing in on the home stretch. I've got to get busy on the baby's room.

Since the last time I wrote, we went down to Alabama for Adam's sister's wedding. The wedding turned out beautifully but I have to say, weddings are stressful. I'll post some pictures if I can get my hands on some. We spent memorial day with my family and had a nice day out at the pool. The drive back to WV was sooo looong but we're getting back into the swing of things.

I guess that's it for now. Make sure you scroll down and watch the video of Emma talking about how the baby eats.

Love from Above


Becky said...

8 lbs total? amateur!! there was a month in both of my pregnancies that i gained 8 in one month! and it seems like after that is when i gained all the weight. that's another reason i'll live on a diet forever...i have to finish losing the weight from having seth to have a last one. time's a waistin!!

Tiffane said...

Hi Dana! This is Stephanie (almost Stokes')friend Tiffane. It has been SOOOO long since I've seen you guys. I hope all is going looks like it. Your family is just adorable. I got to meet Jan back in November. She is super fun and I'm sure shes a great sis-in-law. If Adam remembers me please tell him hello! Prayers and blessings to you both! :)

Anna said...

just wanted to tell you i got a blog, so check it out. =]

Anna said...

i already am a cry baby so you should be laughing at me already. haha. ok, so i'm not as bad as you, but you're right, i'll get worse when i have kids. and i got the pictures the way they are on there because i just copied my entry from xanga. i did investigate just for you, and you can like drag the pictures? i really don't know how to describe it unless i could show it to you.

anyway.. i think that's everything.
i love you much.