Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not My Day!!

Ok, so yesterday was not my day.

For the first unfortunate event, I must give a litte background. Emma has been sick. On, Sunday, we went to the teen superbowl party. Emma was sitting in my lap and she began to throw up. She had had fettucine alfredo for lunch so, without going in to much detail, it was unpleasant. My apologies to the 10 to 12 girls that were sitting there with us when this untimely occurance took place. Anyway, so we came home, got cleaned up and by the next day, she seemed to be feeling fine. Although she kept sneezing a lot. Well, yesterday, she sneezed and when I went to wipe her nose it was a noodle... from Sunday!! I'm not even sure how that happened but, my poor baby! Since, she has stopped sneezing

I headed off to school. First, I spilled a bottle of water in my purse ruining my bible, my wallet and my cell phone. Then I got the results of the tests that I took on Thursday back. Well you see, I had two tests back to back in history and literature. When studying, I concentrated on the history because it was to be two questions that we had to write a two page essay on each. Well, I made a 93 on that test which I was a little upset about until I got the lit test back on which I got a 72. Well, actually it's not a 72 because it was only worth 50 points but, you get what I'm saying. I am so not an English student. And I have no interest in reading works that were not good enough to be sold in book stores and were therefore, put into a literature book. So, I was really bummed about that. I seriously almost cried. But, since it was only worth 50 points, I'm hoping it won't hurt my grade too much.

Then, when I got home, Emma was taking a bath and pooped in the bath tub. Luckily, Adam had pity on me for having such a bad day and cleaned out the bathtub and I cleaned up emma.

But, today, I woke up and God had magically healed my cell phone. I know you are probably thinking that it simply dried out but I say it was God. I need to feel that something bigger and better than me is in control. And, I'm about to go to ladies bible study. I know it is more of God that I need right now. That, and a little Kenny Rogers ;). So, today is going to be a better day.

Look for a more pleasant post soon but I just needed to get that off my chest.

Love from above,



Anonymous said...

Some days are like that , "even in Austraila." Just ask Alexander. Please know we always love you.


P.S. I glad Emma got the noddle out of her nose!

Jay Houston said...

Wow, sneezing out noodles and pooping in the bathtub... I don't know if I feel worse for Emma or for you. :-) j/k. I am sorry that you are having a bad time.. I hope that things get better soon. I love you!


Anonymous said...

o you just have to laugh at the pasta isnt funny when it happens but a few years down the road..the 1st time heather and i babysat all night at the lombards kylee was about 6 and she woke us up in the middle of the a bathroom covered in noodles...i know ALL about the noodles out the nose...hah o kylee...i will never forget that...hope life begins to look up soon.

Becky said...

Papa is sooooo right. He may also need to be looking out for Westgaters heading to Eprise. Long story. I hope your day gets better. I have had many a bad day as earlier posted. Some days, I wonder..."Seriously...what is the point."

Anna said...

hmmm i've never heard about someone sneezing a noodle out. lol that's kind of.. interesting. i'm sorry to hear about your test grade and maybe my story helped but i doubt it =P but i have faith that you will bring it up! i hate english too... atleast God saved your cell phone! thanks for doing all you do =) love you