Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Emma the Theologian

I thought I would share with all you moms a cute and easy kid's dish idea. I made it for Emma for lunch and she loved it.

Looks like Emma may be taking after her daddy. At two and a half, she's already trying to figure this God stuff out. We had an ongoing converstation all day Sunday. It started during the contribution. We always give her money to put into the plate and we tell her that, "we are giving the money to Jesus". I guess it just makes sense that if we are giving money to Jesus, that he would be coming to pick it up. So, Emma says, "Is Jesus coming today"? I told her that he could possibly be coming today but probably not. Then she says, "Does Jesus have a car"? I told her that I didn't think so and that Jesus lived in heaven and when he came that he would come down out of the sky and then we'd all get to live in heaven with him. She then said, "I get to go to heaven"? I told her that everyone that believed and followed Jesus would be in heaven and that we'd be very happy there. All of this during the contribution mind you. On the way home from our nice lunch and visit with the Johnson's, we saw a rainbow. I pointed it out to her and we talked about how beautiful it was and I explained to her that God put the rainbow in the sky to show that he would never flood the earth again the way he did when Noah built the ark. On the way to church Sunday night she asked, "can I see the rainbow now"? I told her no, that it was gone now. She asked, "are there rainbows in heaven"?. I told her that I thought there would be many rainbows in heaven. And she said, "I think Jesus wrote on the sky". I guess that in a way she is right. Though I've never had the words to put it so beautifully simple. That will probably go down in history as one my all time favorites.

The picture is from a "princess birthday party" we went to on Saturday. It was lots of fun. Well, it's off to school for me.

Love from above,



Kristen said...

I love how a childs mind works! It is so wonderful!

Jana and Jeff were over here this weekend and Jacob kept acting like he was shooting Jeff with gun. He would say "freeze", Jeff would put his hands up and then Jacob would shoot him anyway. Well, Jeff tried to explain to Jacob that you don't say freeze and then still shoot. Then Jacob comes up to Jeff and screams
"don't freeze" and then shoots him! ---------- Made sense to me! LOL!

Kids are great!

I love you. Kristen

Anna said...

emma is too smart! ok so i guess you found out doing the dishes is my job... lol but i usually don't do them until she tells me like 5 times so it was still nice of me. lol =P so maybe i'm not the sweetest child in the world but ehh oh well. i'll be more appreciative when i'm older and on my own. haha and i guess your guilt trips are good but don't guilt me into paying you anymore!=P lol love you

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana! Just thought I would stop by and see how things were going. Emma is so cute. Well hope your having a great time in class. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

After a long day of classes away from home..emma is a breath of fresh air...she tends to make me :). hug her for me...i had a princess bday party this week too:) haha turning 19 mad me feel 5 again


Anna said...

is that a hot dog on top of corn? man kids these days will eat anything! lol just kidding i bet it was wonderful. and thanks for tips with my mom even though she knows it's all you now. it was fun while it lasted. aww i'm sad i won't see you until sunday. that's just depressing. =( love you!

Dana said...

It's a hotdog on top of shells and cheese. You know an octopus on sea shells. Okay, maybe that wasn't as cute as I thought. LOL Oh well, emma liked it

Jay Houston said...

Sarah Jane won't eat hot dogs... I think that she thinks that she is actually eating a dog. I have tried to call them meat sticks and everything... but i can't fool her. The Octopus was cute though, I wonder if it would work with chicken... :-)

Anna said...

oh...... i thought it was like corn pudding. lol i didn't think that sounded very appetizing. shells and cheese sounds a lot better than corn! =P

Becky said...

Luke used to eat meat. But he gave it up about a year ago. He has only recently tried chicken nuggets. Only since Christmas has he decided that he likes "inch-sties." French fries. But give him any pasta or bean or anything with tomato sauce...he is set. He is weird...and sosooooooo picky!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana!
I Just wanted to say hey and see how you were doing.
I can't believe how grown up little Miss Emma is! Makes me cry!
well, maybe we can catch up sometime soon. I love and miss You ALL SO MUCH!