Friday, December 09, 2005

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

There is a good reason for my lapse in updates. We've been having too much fun. We've had play groups and play dates and craft days and more. Several weeks back I wrote a post saying that I was down and missing my friends and that I hadn't really made any here yet. Don't get me wrong I still miss my friends in PC and Alabama but God must have heard my pleas. I always know that when I've gone through a tough time, that something really good is coming because the tough times are Satan trying to stop the good. In the last couple of weeks it feels like we have gotten over some kind of hump. It seems like some of the relationships that we have been trying to develop are coming through. Also, we've seen some things here recently come out of the kids in the youth group where we're like, "yeah, that's what it's all about, that's why we're here". Some times it amazes me how clearly a teenager can think. I just love it when God does those little things and it's as if He's saying, "Don't worry, I got it, I know what I'm doing".

I got my first experience driving on snow last night. It was a little scary but exciting too. I kept having this urge to do doughnuts but I refrained. My friend Sam had her baby last night and she called me to sit with her little boy until her family could get there. I got to the hospital around 5:45 and there wasn't a snow flake falling and by the time I left at 7:30 the roads were covered. It was crazy. Most of it melted away and we were just left with a little on the grass and a few slick spots today but we did get enough to have a little snowball fight when we got home to last night. Our neighbors must have thought we were crazy. Just the three of us, in the dark throwing snow balls. Oh what fun!

We took Emma to see Santa the other night. She did pretty good. She went right to him and got up in his lap but then she kind of froze and wouldn't say anything. When she got down, I said, "you didn't tell Santa what you want". She said, "Maybe we can write him a letter". We went back today and she saw him again and she told him she wanted dress up clothes. When we got in the car to leave she said, "wait, Santa didn't give us my dress up clothes". These things can be quite confusing for a two year old. Tonight, Adam and I just stared at her for about ten minutes watching her rearrange ornaments on the Christmas tree. I think we both were thinking, "how did we get here" the past two years have flown. Some times she seems so adult.

Tonight, I went to a Christmas party with my Mom's club. It was so much fun. I really like those girls. I love what we do but some times it's nice just to get to be me and not the youth minister's wife.

Well, I could go on and on but I need to go to bed.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just 15 more days!




Anonymous said...

aww!! that picture of Emma with Santa is really cute!!! I'm glad you got home safely the other night after Powell! I wish the snow would've stuck though because then we probably wouldn't have had school!! but oo well least you got a snowball fight in!! I'm soo upset I'm going to miss Heart to Heart on Tuesday :-(..I love you a ton!!


Anna said...

I love the Santa picture. I think Rachel and I might be getting one! haha I'm happy you didn't do doughnuts because you would've made me a nervous wreck! Oh goodness I sound old. Well I'm happy you had a good week and you got to enjoy the snow. Hopefully there will be much more soon. =) I can't wait for heart to heart and I'm still so glad God brought you guys to us!

I love you

Anonymous said...

Im loving the Santa picture too! The whole youth group should get one and blow it up and put it in the youth house, like on the wall! haha, just an idea!


Kristen said...

Love the pictures. Glad I finally got to see what your house looks like. It is so cute and I love the color of it!

I missed you a lot at the shower. It just did not seem right. It turned out great though. I loved it. (thank you) All of these baby things...again, and after what feels like eternity! We feel very blessed right now. I am at the stage in my pregnancy that people are asking when I am due and look very surprised to hear "February." I know I am having a baby elephant! LOL

I love you. Call me. Kristen