Thursday, December 01, 2005


I want to hear opinions on this. What is your belief on Corporal punishment of children (spanking)?


Anna said...

personally i think it's fine. i was spanked when i was a littler and after i learned i would get spanked if i did something bad i stopped doing whatever it was. anyway that's just my opinion and thanks again for coming yesturday. =) i love you

Denise said...

Once every day, whether they need it or not!!! Just kidding, I am posting this while I am in 10th grade Algebra class. I don't know about little ones but about half of these need some corporal punishment. LOL. Love you, Denise

Jill said...

Hey Girl! I beleive that it depends on the child. I have one that rarely ever had or has to be spanked (you know which one that is) and then there is the other one who gets spankings quiet often. I think its fine, but I also think that you could take it to extremes where it becomes a problem. I also think that people use spankings too much and any other kind of communication between parent and child is lost and I also believe that children need to be taught right from wrong by parental guidance but also by parental actions. Good to see you a couple of weeks ago! Hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

i agree with jill, eventhough i dont know her. I think its necessary sometimes but some parents abuse the privilege, but on the other hand a lot of kids need it quite often. love you<33 sam

Hannah said...

i personally think it's fine. It teaches them not to do the thing they were doing when they got spanked. i was spanked when i was little prolly up until i was like 10 :-P. thats just my opinion. and yesterday was a lot of fun!! luv you lots!!


Kristen said...

You know how I feel about this. I think children that get spanked are better behaved than those who don't. I can sit at the daycare and pick out the kids who do and don't get spanked.

I thing as long as the child knows why they are getting spanked and the parent is not really really angry...spanking works better that anything.

(don't even get me started about time out) LOL :)

Becky said...

if you have boys, completely necessary. i agree with the poster who said to make sure when you are spanking, it is not done in anger. there is a difference in spanking and beating.

Jay Houston said...

I was the pregnant mom that said this sentence... "I will never spank my child, I think that if you can't communicate with your child with words, then you are the one with the problem... not the child." Wow, now I have a 2 year old and boy, oh boy, have I eaten those words. I think you can spank your child, but not over every single little thing. I spank Sarah Jane over BIG things (touching the oven, playing in the potty, going outside without me, etc.) We do "time-out" for smaller things... coloring on things that aren't paper, throwing stuff, etc.(which works REALLY well with Sarah Jane... I think that it is the isolation factor)..Anyway, i guess that it just depends on the issue at hand and the child.

Jamison said...

I was spanked with a belt. In fact, pops would come down the hall "snapping" the belt.

Today, I still wear belts, and jokingly snap it once in a while when my wife gets in bed.

I dont have kids, but I assume I will do some form of spanking. I personally think the belt is a little rough, but hey, I grew up going to church everyday the dorrs were open, have never put one illegal drug in my body, have smoked probably 10 cigarette my whole life, and drink an alcoholic beverage maybe 4 times a year... who knows.

I do feel this way though:
Young children dont understand right and wrong. You cant sit them down and go over right and wrong with a powerpoint presentation with them. If they do something you consider wrong or harmful to themselves, then you need to cause them pain or discomfort in some fashion. They understand this means of communications.

Once they understand reasoning, I dont see the need for spanking. My wife was spanked one time her whole life. She hated it so much she flew right from ther eon out haha! Her sister on the other hand got spanked alot.

Some head-doctors say that anything used to punish a child when they are younger will be an erotic stimulant for them when they get older. I dunno how true this is. I mean, spanking is kinky and all, but I dont get turned on by hearing a belt snap.

FYI, my wife's family lives in West Virginia... Terra Alta... one stop sign.

Anonymous said...


I think thats fine cause the only way they'll learn is that cause they think that they can gwt away with it so spanking works but make sure you teach them that its not to hurt them but to taech them!
love ya nicole

linda said...

hello dear
i have no experience as a mother/motherly figure and i dont have any direct alternatives at the moment, so i cant really say much. but i personally think that spanking was bad for me as a child. my parents never abused me but im really uncomfortable with them touching me now (like hugs, etc) but i dont know if its bc of that or something else. so yeah thats all i have to say.
hope to see you soon! i havent been able to many church things bc of college/family so i havent seen ya in a while :(
have a great weekend!♥

Anonymous said...

Hey there! it's becky's cousin....Spanking is wonderful! I make sure Amber knows why she is getting spanked. She's 2 and a half and is getting to the understanding of cause and effect. We talk about what she did and when I am absolutely sure that she understands then we have our spanking. I know it sounds weird that I am having an adult conversation with a 2 yr old, but believe me...she comprehends it.

We also do a 3 step deal. 2 warnings and a spanking on the third. If I have to tell her a third time then that is it!

I also agree with the not spanking in anger. It is so hard to do sometimes, but that's when you walk out of the room for a good 10 count (or sometimes 100 count) and then come back and talk.

I'm a bit chatty tonight. Sorry if I droned on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sam and jill. (who ever jill is,lol) I used to get spanked some when i was a bad little girl :-P but some parents do abuse the privellege and then it turns aout just to be abuse (sometimes) but when necessary its ok. <3 Kylee