Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Pictures are from TAG Thursday night

Ok, here is my promised post about Powell. I have written before about how our church busses over some kids from a housing development to church. And, that Melissa Ogden, our teens, and our interns started a vacation bible school type thing with them on Thursday night. Also, we have began to have church on every fourth Sunday night at Powell. Well, some of the adults from Powell are coming to church now too. And, one got baptized the other night. Hip Hip Hooray. We had a planning session Thursday night before TAG and I’m going to go into detail about that but first, I want to tell you about TAG. Btw TAG is the thing we do with the kids on Thursday night. I have no idea what it stands for.

Joe came in and talked to them about Jesus feeding the 5000. That so happened to be one of the miracles that we discussed in my class on Wed. I had a very proud moment when many of the kids raised their hands because they knew the story. They were so excited. It was so neat. They are really learning about God!! It feels really good to get to be able to be a part of that. One little boy, Justin asked Joe if he could ask some questions. Joe thought that he wanted to ask questions about the story he was telling. Joe said, “yes” and Justin jumped up and started asking all the other kids questions about things we have been talking about in class like he was the teacher. It was really cute.

Ok, the planning session.

First of all, I will say that I think this could very well be the most important ministry for our church. When I think, If Jesus was living my life right now, what would he be doing? I think this very likely would be it. So having said that..

Here are two of our goals for Powell this year.

Get more people (especially adults) involved in this ministry.
Like I said, this is a very important ministry. God has put a mission field in our back door. We don’t need to over look this opportunity. I am praying for God to send workers!!

To start a pantry for the Powell residents. This pantry will contain essential items that can’t be bought with food stamps. Things like: toiletries, diapers, medicines, and cleaning supplies. We sent a sign up sheet around church for people to sign up to bring some of these items and had a very good response. I am really excited about this new program. I really feel like this will be a way to reach some people. If you read this and feel inclined to donate something please do!! Also, we definitely will accept money donations and do the shopping for you. Regardless, please pray for this ministry.

Love from above,


PS: Emma and I tourned Mr. Bee's chip factory with our Mom's Club today. Check back soon for pictures from that


Anonymous said...

Hey Dana! TAG stands for Teaching About God! I just thought I would tell you that since you didn't know what it stood for. I Love you!! And I can't wait for the Lock-In Thursday Night!


Dana said...

Teaching about God... that's a novel idea. makes sense

Anna said...

Dana! I was sad I didn't see you tonight.=( But tomorrow, lock-in, DDR!haha I'm so happy our church can be apart of the Powell ministry. It's awesome. I can't wait to see what God does with it. I love seeing those kids excited about God and the bible. I think some of us who went to church when we were little sometimes take those things for granted. Wel just thought I'd stop by and say hello! I love you =)

Anonymous said...

aww it's Lincoln. Haven't seen you in a while love ya Dana!!!!

Kristen said...

I hope you had a good day. I thought about you today at work. I was so happy to get to talk to you! I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you....oh, and I am off that weekend. Call me!

I love you. Kristen

Dana said...

Hey, Dana this is Mom again. This is Friday night and just read your blog and now I see why I haven't heard much from you this week. I am so thrilled that this week went so well. I can't wait untill next week . Keep up the good work. Praying for youall as always Love you much Mother.