Friday, July 30, 2010

20 Questions plus a Million!

Disclosure: This post is more for documentation purposes and will be more  of a grandparent read since the grandparents share in our excitement over the moderately funny things that our kids say, agreeing with us that they are really funny..   While I know deep down in my heart that I'm missing an opportunity to write a super funny post, I'm not sure my exhausted brain can recall the facts much less write them down all snazzy for you.

It  has been fun and totally exhausting to have the girls together ALL DAY, ALL SUMMER... If  it wasn't exhausting enough, with Chloe being the energizer bunny on crack, the questions  are enough to drive anyone insane.  And every day, I start the day determined to answer the questions and usually break down around question number 343.

We were on our way home from the store a while ago and I watched the clock for five minutes and I kid you not, I stopped counting at 50 questions. The car conversations are the best since we all are confined to one spot and I can't get away from them.

Today's Car Conversation:

Emma inspired by her daddy's influence tries to ask questions of an intellectual nature:

Emma: (as we're passing a cemetery) "Mom, what is an synonym for cemetery"?
Me:   Well, Emma I guess that would be a graveyard.
Emma: Well, what is an antonym for a cemetery?
Me:  I don't know Emma, that's not exactly a good question.
Emma: Mrs. insert well meaning teacher's  name here says that the only bad question is the one that is not asked.
Me: Well obviously, Mrs. insert well meaning teacher's  name here does not have a 3 year old and a 7 old.

Chloe, also taking a cue from her daddy, asks random questions.

Chloe: Mom, where is Nonna?
Me: Nonna is in Alabama
Chloe: Where is Pawpaw?
Me: Pawpaw is in Alabama..
Chloe: Where is Nana?  (and we go through the whole list until:)
Chloe: (with more attitude than a three year old should have) Well, where's daddy?

Emma: Why do you think those people are in the cemetery?  
Me: I don't know Emma, various reasons I assume.
Emma: But why do you THINK they are there?

Chloe: Mom, are you my mom?
Me: No Chloe, I'm not your mom but every time I call your mom to tell her to come get you, she hangs up on me.
Chloe: Oh, well what is that store behind your sunglasses?
Me: What?
Me: (with a tone of realization) That's a reflection, Chloe.

Emma: Mom, what is an antonym for reflection?  
Me: I think we should listen to the radio..

And another recent car conversation
(On the way home from small groups)

Emma:  I'm bored.
Me: Well we're almost home and you know what cures boredom?  
Emma: What?
Me:  Sleep
Emma: Sleep is boring too.
Me: Not if you have a good imagination.
Emma: I don't have a good imagination anymore.  You have a better imagination when you're young.  
(Adam and I laugh histerically)
Me: I'm putting that on facebook.
Chloe: (fake belly laugh) I'm putting that on facebook.
Chloe:  WELL I DO NOW!

And the conversation at breakfast this morning
(as the Today Show is posting all the Smuckers people older than 100 having birthdays".

Emma: (astonished that people can live to be that old).  Did you see all those people that were over 100!?
Chloe: Yeah, and they were UGH-I-LEE.  
Me: (after turning head to laugh) Chloe, it's not nice to call people ugly.
Chloe: But they really were ugly.
Me: Well it's still not nice.  Besides, you're going to be an old person one day too..
Chloe: (laughing and pointing at Emma and Adam)  and so will Emma and so will daddy!  

We need something stronger than coffee at breakfast these days.. 



Jay said...

I know I tell you this all the time - but Chloe is hillarious to me. I just love them!

Can't wait to see y'all at the beach!! Love you (and your kiddos).

April Cluck said...

Sooooo funny...I wish I had been able to or had the presence of mind to document those things on Trystan.

Anonymous said...

Dana, I read this twice! You've got to write a book!

Whitney said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Sallie^^^...and I know you know who to get in touch with to get started on that book... ;)

Your girls are too funny! I'm already looking forward to my nephew asking a million questions! IF he ever learns to talk...

Hope you have an awesome and blessed weekend!

Unknown said...

This is hilarious! I had to get Mike to read it. He was cracking up!

Sara-Beth said...

Chloe is a hoot! Got to love the antonym questions.. she is ready for 2nd grade!!

I'm going to miss seeing her at school. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

We had those conversations the whole time they were here! We had a 20 minute conversation about finger prints while on the way to Montgomery. And I absolutely love it when Chloe chimes in!!! Love you!!


Unknown said...

Too funny! Kids have no filter do they? Its the honest stuff that gets me. So cute!

Sandie lee said...

Hi Dana;

You won, The Secret Nature Book from Imagination-cafe Blog. Email me at so I can get your mailing address.

Thanks :)

Sandie lee

Michael and Hannah said...

I love these posts! They're the ones you'll treasure most.

2 Giggle Boxes said...

Hi Dana! Found you through LLBB Hop. I have a 3 year old and these conversations sound so familiar!! It's nice to know I am not alone!

Chelsea said...

I have a blog award waiting for you at my blog! Stop by and pick it up!