Thursday, May 06, 2010

Anti-Minivan Moms Look Up

This is dedicated to all of my mom friends who are still under the illusion that they're too cool for a minivan :).  Thanks Mandy!  I needed a laugh.




Jay said...

Oh My, that is funny. I love the little girl dancing - and then she has to go potty. SO funny.

I watched a few more of their videos, they're equally hillarious.

Love it!

Mandy said...

I wasn't kidding when I said I spit my coffee out onto my computer screen. I have laughed Glad others thought it was funny, too. :) I love the potty part as well!!

I got the pride in my ride.... LOL

Alissa Stacy said...

Tooo Funny! I can't wait to show Corey this when he gets home. I am one of those mom's who just can't do the mini-van yet and it drives him nuts!
Thanks for the laughs!

Laura said...

That's hilarious! What's sad is that it actually makes me want that van. :)

George Houston said...

I want a Swagger Wagon. Word Up.

Stephanie said...

That acutally makes me want to go get a Swagger wagon ... can I just say my favorite part is when the dad swipes the entire tea party of the table in front of his daughter and then is like "what?" too funny!