Monday, March 01, 2010

Once again, a request for prayers..

I come to you once again, while my cousin Tony lays in an operating room along with all of our hearts... Back in July I told you of his insiprational story.. You can read the full details in a much better thought out post that was made on a much better foundation of sleep  HERE  but in an effort to get this out ASAP.. I'm going to skip the flowery language and sum it up quickly so that we can get those prayers going up..

Back  in July, my cousin Tony recieved a double lung transplant after many, many years of battling Cystic Fibrosis... For the first time in his memory, he was able to breath, and eat without being in pain.. He was able to enjoy life with his wife and son like he has always dreamed of doing.. Around Thanksgiving, Tony was infected with some sort of bug and somewhere through all of that, one of his lungs became infected.. Since Thanksgiving, he has been in excrutiating pain and running a pretty consistant high fever as his doctors have worked desperately to find a cure for the infection.. After trying every avenue that could be thought of, they have decided that the best and safest course of action is to remove the part of the lung that is infected, the lower lobe of the right lung... From what I understand, removing a part of an organ such as a lung is not that uncommon of a procedure. Tony has asked that we pray specifically that "as the doctors are doing the surgery that they will be able to get in and remove the lower lobe of the right lung and that the airway of the lower lung will seal closed and that the infection will not spread into the upper part of the lung while they are working on it".

I'm so very thankful for the people in my life that have such a heart of compassion that they have followed so closely along with this and so faithfully in prayer.  I will post updates as quickly as I hear them.




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We will be praying!!!

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I'll add him to my prayers!