Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Milestone I Hadn't Anticipated

I am truly sad over this.. The shoe you see above, The Ked's T-Strap Daphne shoe was the first shoe I ever bought Emma.  It has been my standard for almost 7 years.  It's the all around multi-purpose little girl shoe.  It can be worn with jeans and little dresses.  It matches everything.  It's leather and washable.  One of those must haves for a little girl.   So Emma came to me the other day with her Keds and showed me that the velcro had torn off one of them.

So since today was a half day, we headed out to buy our little dependable standard.. And we came home shoeless. Because they no longer make them in her size.  And when I looked them up to make sure, I realized it is called a "toddler" shoe.  When did she stop being a toddler?  And how much damage have I done to her by dressing her in a toddlers shoe until she's almost 7?  Really I'm lucky that she has a tiny foot.  Most people met this milestone long before this age.  I seriously don't know where to go from here.  I need a shoe that isn't a tennis shoe but can be worn to play in...  Forget Hannah Montana!  I blame Keds for making my little girl grow up too fast!   I will be pulling the baby book out now to look at over a huge tub of icecream.. Oh how my heart hurts!

Shoe suggestions would be much appreciated




Hyperactive Lu said...

I felt the same way when Babies R Us stopped carrying the cute Koala velcro shoes for Bubbie! I couldn't believe that they didn't carry an 8,9,10,11 in that shoe! :( Now all I get to choose from is Cars or Thomas! Not fair! :) Children's shoes should be cute until they are an adult!

Jay said...

:( we are going through the SAME thing!!! However, we just bought these and they go up to a youth size 2, that gives us a few more years (I hope!):

It's so sad - we have had a pair of Keds every year since I can remember. I still have her keds that are a size 1, they're about 3 inches long... what happened?!??!

Aunt Denise said...

Oh whatever you do... Please don't do the character shoe! I just don't think our little ones should be used as a walking billboard! But as teacher, I will say that a cute pair or velcro or slipon shoes is always appreciated until the fingers are strong enought to tie a good strong knot! Love you, Denise

Anonymous said...

wow! what size shoe does she wear? camden (8) is in mens 7, baylor (just turned 4) is in a kids 1, and sawyer (turned 2 Sunday) is in a toddler 11wide. lol. i gave birth to 3 BIG FOOTS!!!

BTW, we LOVE Stride Rite. However, I also love Zappos online! =)

love you forever and ever. kris

Sara-Beth said...

We love those shoes too! I don't want to even think about them not fitting!

Zappo's is great- free shipping and returns. Maggie does have a pair of Nike's that she likes.

Don't they make a lace up Ked in bigger sizes?

Dana said...

they do make a canvas lace up.. That will last a day with emma. We found a leather one that she really liked because it had these stupid heart charms on it.. I have been looking Zappos, there might be something on there. I do love that site!

Alissa Stacy said...

That is a sad one. We have been buying converse for Kerhia. They last forever and are easy to wear. We just bought her the silver sparkled ones and she has all kinds of them in different colors. They are fun :)

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

This is hilarious.... Lucy can still wear hers. I too have been using them forever. So, whatever damage you've done to Emma has also been done to Lucy. Maybe they can write a book together someday about it all. :-)