Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recession Style Christmas Card...

I have had two failed attempts at a Christmas card.

Here is my first attempt. I had given up getting a Christmasy picture so I decided to throw out all Christmas colors and make an attempt to spot light their personalities. But, when I showed it to Emma, she said it looked more like an Easter card than a Christmas card. I decided that she was right and started once again, my pursuit of a Christmas picture.

And I got the picture below and made the following card. It wasn't my optimum photography skills as the picture isn't very high resolution but the girls looked sweet in it so I decided to go with it. I sent them to Walmart because I didn't have time to order the much better quality prints from Smugmug. When I got to Walmart, the guy was totally rude telling me that I needed the Copyright release. Which I found ironic since the photography quality stunk. But fine, I get that he needed to cover his tail. So I told him I didn't have a copyright release since I took the picture but I'd be glad to write him one. He handed me a form to fill out. But, when I asked him a question, he threw his hands up and refused to speak to me like he wasn't going to have anything to do with my criminal activity and would not speak to me the rest of the time I was standing there. Probably not the best call if it's your tail you want to cover but we'll see what your manager has to say about that. Then when I got to the car and looked at the picture, half of the writing was cut off the side. A far cry from what I would consider professional looking photography or professional behavior from a customer service associate. Once again, Walmart scores a BIG FAT F!!

I may give it a rest and sike myself back up and try one more time and I may not. So you should probably take a good look just in case. I have worked everything out for a stress free Christmas except for these stinking Christmas Cards!!

Deep breaths, deep breaths!




Jay said...

Hahahaa! I am not laughing at you, Dana... but rather, with you!

I have had the same issues, but with Sam's. I made Christmas cards (with the pic that you took of us, so you did save us from having to find the perfect picture)... So I went to my program, designed my card... and then sent it on to be printed. Well... it came back WAY too dark. I don't know if they self corrected the color or what, but it looked terrible. SO, I lightened it significantly on my computer and tried again. We picked them up last night and though they are still darker than I would like, They will do. Look for yours this week...

Next year I will opt for one of the premade... insert-picture-here kind of cards and be done with it, besides those come with envelopes anyway!

and ours this year will be coming with a lovely gift for Adam that George seems to think that he will like... I got it at a Christmas Gag Gift Party that we went to last night... You'll have to let me know what he thinks.

I miss your face! Let me know when you are coming home from E-town and we will try to meet you guys somewhere along the way, Love you!

...and Hey! If worse come to worse, mail the first ones out at Easter! They're both precious.

Jennifer said...

Dana, I love the Easter one!!! Go with it. This may be the first time since Katie's birth that I don't have one.

Pajama Mama said...

They are both really good but I LOVE the tea party one!!! I VOTE FOR THAT ONE!!!

Hyperactive Lu said...

HAHA HA!!! I am so sorry you have had such a difficult time! Just be like me- your loser friend- who doesn't do any cards at all!!! ;)

I like both and think you did a wonderful job!

Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you do realize this guy was probably working at Walmart for a reason, right? I think the 2nd one is perfect, even if it does look like Chloe is choking Emma. I am sure little sisters want to do that to big sisters some times!!!! LOL love you Denise

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Stuff-mart STINKS!!! And btw... Recession style cards are what I'm doing, which is just posting them online! :-) Both of those are too precious. Of course, the girls in them are too precious too!

Chandler Parents said...

What a nightmare. I love the cards. Your girls are precious. We got our cards at Walgreens and they never ask about copyright. I'm not sure how they compare pricewise but otherwise no trouble.
I love your blog!

Tammy Cluck said...

I went to Walmart to pick up a picture book tonight and had the same problem I asked them to reprint and leave out the pictures they felt they needed a release for and you would have thought I was speaking a foregin language so she got a manager and I think the manager was worse so needless to say I left with no photo book and very frustrated