Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Froggie

Everyone I know is having babies these days. This is my friend Mandy's sweet baby. He was two weeks old when these were taken. I'm still hit or miss and lighting is everything.. This particular day, the lighting was just perfect in my upstairs room and I was really happy with how these came out.. Still, my consistency needs improving. I win a few, I lose a few.. But I'm only going to show you the winners of course.

Mandy is one of those smart mommies that came up with nicknames for her children and doesn't use their real names. Whoops, didn't think of that. I don't guess it matters much as both of my girls have names that half the little girls their ages have. For the record, Emma is my grandmother's name. I had it picked out long before the tv show "Friends" named their baby Emma.. Just for the record..

Anyway, you can check out little Froggie over at Life's about a Dream

Such a handsome little bundle of joy!!



Jay said...

Your baby pics are head and shoulders better than mine! These are GREAT!!!!! I have the other cocoon (in green) - but these pics make me want to order this kind. What a handsome little guy, makes me even MORE ready for this one in my tummy to get here!

Love you!

Mandy said...

Thanks, Dana! You do a wonderful job and I am fortunate to be friends with you! :)

Lu said...

Love these pics! They are so good! He is so sweet!

April Cluck said...

Really great Dana and congrats to the new mom!

Holly said...

Since you have so much talent OOOZZING from your ears and everywhere else, can I borrow some?? Seriously, you are one blessed girl, and I feel blessed to know you! These shots are precious. Drive on down to Auburn and take Bo's newborn pics please! :-) Super cute baby too, congrats to the new family!

Runnin' Mommy said...

GREAT pictures!!!! Such a cutie!

Brianna said...

Beautiful baby! :)

I wanted to let you know my book "Along Came You" arrived today!! Thank you again, so much. It's adorable! I know my daughter will love it.