Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miracle Walk

I've had a lot of questions about whether or not I raised my money and what shirt I wore for the breast cancer walk.. Well, I sort of raised the money. On Thursday before the walk, I had about half of the money raised so I hadn't ordered the shirt. I decided that I didn't want to suffer the shame of not meeting my goal, so on Thursday, I searched down for a Ta Ta's shirt.. I found them at a local graphics store for 5 dollars a piece.. Except, the writing was on the back. But, with a little of Pam's creativity, we made a view adjustments, I wrote a check for the remainder of the amount and Pam and I followed through with our commitment. I've still had a few donations trickle end and I just decided that what ever I ended up giving was what God wanted my contribution to be.

We had a ball at the walk. And I'm sad to announce that I have no juicy comments to present about the shirts. We got absolutely nothing but compliments and interest in where we got them. It's so amazing how small trivial things seem when everyone has a common goal for the better good.

Thank you all for your donations. I know that times are hard for a lot right now. For those of you that supported me in this, it means so much.

We're already making plans to do it next year. With a pink glittery sign and pink feathered boas for our group. Why don't you go ahead and make plans to join us..



Jay said...

I'm so glad you got to do that! While we were in Atlanta, the same kind of thing must have been going on --- there were SO many people all decked out in pink walking. There were some in black leggings/hot pink tu-tus/bright pink boas. They were adorable! Even men were all decked out. It's such a great cause, why not go all out?

Wish that there was something like that here... we have relay for life, which I guess is close enough.

With cancer recently becoming something so close to our family, I think everyone should participate! If your race is this time next year, I can toss the new kiddo in a stroller and SJ and I can join in.

Way to go, Dana.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time, and glad you CARE. Connie drove all the way to Searcy, AR to walk with her sister-in-law who came from Midland, TX. Connie's sister-in-law had breast cancer a couple of years ago. I think everybody is affected by breast cancer - either themselves, family, or close friends. Maybe next year, I can come do this with you. My "shoe-discovery" makes walking a pleasure instead of an impossibility these days. Love ya, Lynn