Monday, September 07, 2009

My Current Project

So I'm finally feeling like a little more than a zombie. I'm not quite sure what sickness that has been lurking about at the Ellis household but I'm telling you, it grabbed a hold of me tight! My in-laws were here this weekend to celebrate Chloe's birthday I think. Though that all might just be part of a dream I had during the time I was unconscious. Thankfully, they seemed willing to forgive me for not being a proper hostess. It seems as if it is Chloe's turn with the sickness as she is the one that is running the fever tonight.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to show you what I was working on before the evil virus invaded my body leaving me lacking energy worse than I did after childbirth!

It's hard to tell exactly what it looks like because it is in my hallway and I had to take the picture at an angle. The hardest part for me was trying to make it asymmetrical without making it completely square. I had a handy little tool that made the job just a little easier.

This baby is the latitude level. It came to me in the swag suite that I received from Mom Select. It is a level/stud finder that is created especially for use by a woman. It is more compact making it easier for smaller hands to handle and has softer grips. It has built in holes where you mark straight through the level. And, fully extended, the tabs for nail holes are 16 inches apart making it perfect for finding studs (skip corny joke about how every woman wants to find a stud here). It wasn't necessary for me to find studs for this project but you can be sure I will be using it in the future to fix things like bookshelves to the wall so that my children don't pull them over on themselves.

Upon further investigation, I found that there is a whole line of tools designed by women for women. You can check them out HERE. My own tools! How empowering. Now if I can just figure out how to get the rest of them free.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Hope all is healthy in your world!



Lu said...

We were just talking about doing this on the big open wall in the living room. Love that tool! Great job.. I love it!

Veronica Leaptrott said...

Great tools, I have my own tool kit that I got at Walmart for $20 in a bag simular to the one on the link, it has multiple screwdriver, hammer, safety glasses, tape measure, alen wrenches and a few other things that i can't think of because I'm TIRED, having my own means that I know where they are. Even Mike made a comment about my "cool" little tool kit, and to top it off it's all pink.

Jay said...

Dana, that is SO cute!!

I love it! I want a hallway!

Sara-Beth said...

You ready to come do it at my house now? Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!!

JosiahsMommy said...

That wall is adorable! I think I'm going to steal this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. I love it.

Holly said...

How snazzy! Looks great. Hope you're feeling better. Bless your heart. Not that I want our kids to be sick... it's just so much harder (on the entire family) when the mama is the one sick. Hope your house wasn't destroyed too much during your bedrest! Get well!

Christy said...

I am working on a black and white picture frame hallway myself. Found a BUNCH of cute frames at a yardsale a few weeks ago. Trying to find white mats for all of them. I hadn't thought about placing a letter "B" in the midst of all the frames... I will have to steal that from you... hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing!

Keri Najmola said... looks great! You are so creative!