Monday, July 20, 2009

Manic Monday-- Super Sprinkler.

Keep the kids busy all day by making a sprinkler from a fun noodle.
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Who says pool noodles are only for the pool? We turned one into a super squirter that can be used to launch all sorts of fun and games, such as the High Water Jump shown here.

Start by poking holes in a pool noodle with a large nail. Plug one end of the noodle with a wadded-up plastic shopping bag, then seal that end with duct tape. Insert a garden hose about 4 inches into the other end and secure it with duct tape if needed.

To play, swing the noodle and have your child jump over it, use it for a watery limbo contest, attach it with duct tape to a swing set so that kids can swing through the shower (as shown above), or let your kids come up with their own wet and wacky games.

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Jay said...

Oh, that is very cool... especially for us people without a pool.

Can't wait to try it, SJ will LOVE it.