Sunday, July 05, 2009

How to make a three column blog template.

If you are going to change your blog to a three column template, read this whole post before you start, less you find yourself like I found myself, frustrated and ready to throw the computer out the window because you were like a man and didn't read all the directions. (Sorry to the man out there that actually does read directions. I have not given up faith that you really do exist)

I have had a couple of people ask me about my switch to a three column blog template and how to put a "grab my blog button" link on a page. So I thought that instead of answering everyone's e-mails about it, I would just put it out once, just in case the information is useful to others as well.

No, I don't know how to use html. However, I have become quite skilled at making my computer think I do. I often will come into blogger and post something into my blog and then grab the html code so that I can use it somewhere else. But, instead of stealing the information that I used to change my format and posting it to my blog as my own, I decided that I would fess up and give credit where credit is due. You can find directions on how to change a blog from two columns to three columns by clicking HERE

Okay, now this is where I got frustrated. Once I got three columns, they were all squished together. I sat there making one minor adjustment after another in the html code until I got it close enough to live with (It still is off on the sides but I didn't figure it was worth the high blood pressure that it was going to cause me). Anyway, if I had just read all of the directions, I would have found that there were also instructions on how to adjust your margins within the columns which you can find HERE

Thanks to the guy or gal that was kind enough to build a separate blog for this!

PS: If this information was useful to you, I'd love to hear about it. If there is something else on this page that you don't know how I did, leave me a comment and I'll tell you how I did that too (or more likely, link you to the place where I found the directions). Information on how to get your own blog button coming soon!



April Cluck said...

I was just trying to figure that out and as I know just enough in html to be dangerous (really mess things up) I avoid messing with it.

I just added your button to my blog.


Becky said...

don't you LOVE 3 cloumns? i'll NEVAH go back to 2. did you make that button???

Mike L. said...

Hi Dana. I love your blog header. Great job!

Here's a handy site for html tips and tricks...

Thanks for posting the video of Adam singing. That will provide good material for years to come!

Jay said...


I had told myself that i was going to make my blog look super snazzy then get to postin' like I should be...

So I made the button NO PROBLEM...

but then, I tried to do the 3 column template... WHOA, not pretty.

I was excited b/c I was going to do the 3 comumns and then go get a cute 3 column blog background, had it picked out and everything. HA. Right. When I did it, all three times... it made the 2 outer columns perfect, but the middle part where my actual blog is was about 1 inch wide. What did I do wrong?


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