Sunday, December 07, 2008

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas..

This is the third house we've owned and the first that had a window in the front of the house that we could put a Christmas tree in front of. Granted, that's because it's in the dining room only because we don't have dining room furniture. Regardless, in front of the window is where a Christmas tree should be. But really, I just liked how this picture came out and wanted a reason to share it.


PS: If you came to see if I posted any freebies, I posted a new one last night that you can find below.

PPS: My heading picture is our Christmas card. It's in the mail. I was anxious to get my very summery looking picture replaced.


Jay said...

I am lovin the new look... and that card! :) They are so beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing you guys.

Beautiful tree... and I'm with you. Trees belong in front of windows.

Love you!!

Tony and Susan said...

awe! beautiful tree!! and beautiful christmas card!!

hyperactive lu said...

I LOVE your Christmas card! So precious! And the tree looks great!

I need you to come help me fix my ribbon on the top of the tree!

Sara-Beth said...

Love the card! You are too good!! I hope ours turns out half as nice. :)