Friday, August 01, 2008

Vote For Chloe!

I entered a picture of Chloe in a photo contest. Click here to vote for her. They will send you a confirmation e-mail that you have to click on link to confirm. You DO NOT have to sign up for the adds. Just click the link and then wait for it to confirm your vote. You can vote once a day for the month of August.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dana

I voted for Chloe,,, here is a link to the parenting magazine photo contest. I think you should enter this one, you take such great pictures!!

Jennifer Acosta

Lu said...

I voted! Such a great picture!

Anna said...

i think i voted :P
and i love your profile picture! your family is so cute :) i love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Justin has two email addresses and I have four. We voted on each one and will continue to for the next month. It took all of the votes. I don't know how many they will count. I assume that since they took them ,they will count all! Anyway, that beautiful little girl in that most lovely photographed picture should absolutely win. I love you, Denise

Michael and Hannah said...

CHLOE FOR PRESIDENT!!! I mean, cute baby! Although surely she'd be a better candidate for prez than either of our current options!